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Chris commented on Chris's Discussion, “Reflow text layer to fit display

That looks like what I am talking about. Thanks Bodysoulspirit I will look into Jaymie's work around, right now I'm will to try anything! After the developments team's amazing fix for the AMD issue the released today this is one of the last ducks I need to line up. Thanks for finding this. :)

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AMAZING!!! I've been testing the same project that used to completely lock up for a few hours now and not one freeze!!! I've even added some of the complexity of the composition back in and it's running beautifully!

Fantastic Job VUO team! Thank-you SO much for making this Alpha2 available before release. You just put my VUO project back on track for our early June event and QC is back on the sidelines where it should be. I'm so excited!

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Chris posted a new Discussion, “Reflow text layer to fit display

Reflow text layer to fit display

How would you go about reflowing a text input to automatically reflow to a 2nd or 3rd line if the text string was too long to fit across a given width. I've found count characters node but I'm not sure if there is a way to use that and have it break to a new line somehow.

I have a Text Output feeding into a Make Text Image node and would like to display the text with a Make Image Layer with Shadow (Scaled) for displaying on a screen however if the text is too long it is very tiny to read, I would like to have it break to a new line somehow.

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I'll have a look at the composition later this week when I get back from the conference I'm at. I probably have a ~ or / in there. I just dragged the file in and didn't check the URL.

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OK, thanks for the reminder on how events are behaving... I overlooked that. Because of the number of I/O ports I need for the composition the Mac Pro is my only solution however my Manager managed to secure me an older MacBook Pro that works with my older QC project, I'm updating that on the side now as my backup plan for this event. I'm hoping to get the VUO comp working though if I can still but I'm getting lock ups and haven't been able to identify fuller were they are coming from yet. It seems to be related to the live camera feed and the video file playback nodes being in the same composition because individually they are running fine.