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Thanks for the suggestion Jaymie, I'll give it a try!

Would it possible to add an "Append" to file option to the Save Data node? Maybe where the Overwrite URL True/False switch option is instead make it an Overwrite/Don't Overwrite/Append switch or something?

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Generating and appending to an XML or text file???

My experience with using XML and text files in Vuo up to this point has only been to read them. Now I have a project that requires me to write and append to an XML or text file. I have been looking at Format Table and Make Tree nodes but they don't see how they would allow you to add to an existing file. Basically we have an event that's about 1-2hrs long where I need to create a VUO composition that every 20-30 seconds appended a few strings of generated text to a file (Name, Program and Time-Stamp). Can Vuo do this?

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Looking forward to this, some really exciting changes and new features coming!

Hmm, new Logo... new T-shirts??? :)

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If I were mixing the two video signals it would make sense that the drop frame and non-drop frame rates would conflict and cause this issue, however I am not. They are in the same composition yes, but both are in separate windows and should be handling the frame rates independently, right??? I've attached a completely stripped down version of the project to eliminate all other possible causes for this issue.

Unfortunately the neither camera can be switched to match the other cameras frame rate.

  • Live Stream Camera: Sony EVI-HD1 PTZ camera
  • Barcode camera: Crazyfire HD HZ-100P/SDI camera
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OK, I was finally able to get 2 of each camera back for testing. Here are my findings:

Composition Description Camera 1 Camera 2 Results
Both cameras in same composition but separate Windows PTZ 1080i/59.94 1080p/30 Periodic Green Flashes (once ever 10-20sec)
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows PTZ 1080p/29.97 1080p/30 Periodic Green Flashes (once ever 10-20sec)
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows PTZ 1080p/29.97 PTZ 1080p/29.97 No Flashes
Both cameras in same composition but separate windows 1080p/30 1080p/30 No Flashes
Each camera running simultaneously in separate compositions PTZ 1080i/29.97 1080p/30 No Flashes

Any ideas why this is happening? One camera will be used for reading barcodes (intended to replace the webcam I'm currently using, SDI is safer choice over a webcam with USB extender) for generating the overlay graphics and the PTZ will be replacing an old HDMI camera as a live camera. Both must be running in the same composition.