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Hmm, it's similar, but I was thinking that being able to passthrough any sound coming to the device selected under Sound>Output in the System Preferences would be most beneficial. If this is possible then you could send any system audio over NDI or Syphon but still avoid sending System Sound Effects if you don't want those. I imagine audio that has some kind of DRM on it would have to be blocked.

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System Audio output as source in Receive Live Audio node

It would be nice to be able to use the system audio output (built-in Internal Speakers) as an input source for the Receive Live Audio node. This way for compositions and apps similar to the the NDICast and SyphonCast I made it would be possible to send the system audio along with the screencast.


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I personally use image and text data types as often as real or integer so I would rather it not default to a specific type (Real) because I think I would be accidentally setting it to a data type I don't want to set it to which would get frustrating.

What if instead double clicking brought up a short list of maybe your top favourited data types from the long list for easy access? Then it's a feature that can fit the individual user rather than a specific style of composition. Maybe then, if you only have one type favourited, it can automatically choose that type without showing the short list?

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Chris commented on Chris's Feature Request, “Render to Virtual UVC Camera node

I've been doing something very similar to your suggestion already Magneson. Being able to export everything into a single standalone app is still one of the goals here and I've hoping it can still happen, it's nice to have a few work arounds on hand though in the meantime.