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This was just a test but, yes, it will need to run in the same comp. The 1st camera is going to be an actual video feed of the event and Camera 2 is for reading barcodes, they are running in separate windows but the barcode reader camera provides text information to overlay on the video feed camera.

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Strange video issues with 2 cameras (Green flashes and momentary pauses)

I have been testing a composition with two different SDI cameras through 2 Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorders and running into an odd issue. Each camera is being displayed in a separate window. Both cameras use different frame rates. Camera 1 is a PTZ - 1080/29.97p and Camera 2 is a Fixed - 1080/30p. I keep getting a frame and a half green flash every few seconds on Camera 1 and slight pauses in video frame rate on Camera 2.

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Such exciting news Vuo team! So looking forward to this release and the beta version coming up. Awesome!!!

I really hope the new pricing structure draws more people to commit to this great product. I already have a hard-core PC co-worker thinking about getting a Mac just to be able to play with Vuo, maybe this will tip him over the edge! :)

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Submitted by Alastair (Alastair) on 2018.10.04 11:50 I have two miniRecorders — will check ASAP.

Were you ever able to test this Alastair ? If it works I think I'll order a second one, it would be nice to run a simple little SDI camera instead of a webcam on a USB extender like we do now, less points of failure to worry about. Would the load on the system be about the same switching from a webcam to an SDI capture device?

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Can you use more that one Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini at a time?

I know with the Blackmagic nodes you can select which device you want to use even if several are connected at the same time, however are there any issues with using two identical Blackmagic capture devices at the same time, more specifically the UltraStudio Mini Recorder? We are thinking about ordering a second and I was wondering if anyone else has run two or more at the same time in a composition.