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So I did get this working but I think I need to implement something called "debounce" because sometimes the logger reports 2 or 3 repeats of the command with a single press (once it showed 11!!!). Anyway it technically isn't affecting the functioning of my composition because you can't trigger an event more than once every 4 seconds but I would like to make this function properly. I kind of understand the debounce example here but it doesn't seem to be working when I implement it. How would you implement debounce on the program above?

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Chris posted a new Composition, “Image Retention (screen Burn-in) Fixer

Image Retention (screen Burn-in) Fixer

This is a small App I created to help fix image retention or ghosting issues (true burn-in is permanent damage and impossible to fix) that can occur when a static image is displayed on a screen for a long period of time and leaves a residual ghost of that image on the screen afterwards. It's a common issue especially on older Plasma displays but also to some degree on newer LCD, LED and even OLED displays.

The usual culprits of image retention are: - TV or Computer menus - Black bars (letter box or pillar box) - Closed captioning area - TV channel watermark

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 

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Chris commented on Chris's Discussion, “Block First Event

Thanks! I hadn't thought of doing it this way. I ended up making a block value node using your technique that worked even better for my comp. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Chris posted a new Discussion, “Block First Event