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Alastair, so far I've been able to do a lot with the existing buttons and slider nodes, I've never used VDMX or anything else with VUO. Admittedly I'm really looking forward to a native textfield node (Magneson thanks for MM.ListTools, and the great example of how to use it). I would also love to see a dropdown menu node from a list become a thing as well.

As far as the difficulty in building GUI using the existing button nodes I haven't had any real issues and have had great working GUIs that scale well in a few hours. I built the GUI for this project in about 4-5hrs it has 36 buttons; 42 now, and 4 shortcut keys to switch project modes so the same buttons call up different graphics. The backend took much longer but the GUI was pretty easy. I think it's all in the planning, having a good idea of what you want before you start. I use to design webpages early in my career and still work with HTML from time-to-time, so I find the idea of using websockets interesting but I don't want to see it as the only implementation of the GUI features being considered; and that latency concern I have for the live video and graphics previews and program is a big one for me.