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I found a way to do it using Take from List and Block Empty List but it seems a like a strange way to do something that I think should be default.

I feel like a node setup like this should be possible. Am I missing why this works like this?

Why would you not want it as the default behaviour for lists? If there is a reason for it to behave the current way would it be possible to add a "Block when Empty" switch to the Get Item from List node so we could have it work both ways?

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Jaymie, thanks! This is the direction I went for now using the command line and it works well. I'll probably try and make an AppleScript app to make it easier for others to do this step until append is supported natively in Vuo. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the suggestion Jaymie, I'll give it a try!

Would it possible to add an "Append" to file option to the Save Data node? Maybe where the Overwrite URL True/False switch option is instead make it an Overwrite/Don't Overwrite/Append switch or something?