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Hi! Here is a video capture of a QC composition in action. I hope it will be understandable

most of my compositions work in a similar way ... several modes (here scrolling text / synth, in a composition of scoreboarding, mode chrono / substitutions / faults etc etc) piloted either via virtual buttons like here, or in osc or midi.

this composition being one of the most complex that I could realize, I think ...

you will notice that the composition keeps in memory, the names that have already been clicked ... (to be optimized) that the scrolling speed is independent of the length of the text but remains modifiable.(with arrow keys)

feasible or not according to you with vuo?

looking forward to reading you.


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Hi! I took a look very quickly this afternoon, It looks great! I will take some screenshots, or videos, about my QC compositions, for you to have an idea... soon, I hope!

Yes I'm french... I can write in french,(easier for me, not really for people who want to follow the thread and for my English learning too...) but I think most people here would read in English... Even if their eyes are crying.... Lol (sorry I do my best... I try...)

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Hello, Thank you for your reply. I think I understood the method to solve my problem of ";". I had begun to dig this approach. (replacing ";" by ",") but i have not the "table from text " reflex yet. :D

Regarding, the live coding, OK.

Regarding what I expect from Vuo ... retrieve tables from a spreadsheet, containing list of names already sorted (via a number, for example: all the names associated with the number "1" are in the form of a table. I export this one in csv and that I display directly in vuo. or scrolling (curve patch) down the list vertically at a given speed. (depends of what i have decided in amount of project) and to be even more reactive, display in a first window of control and control "interactive" (via buttons or clickable areas) of Vuo, these data. And displaying in a second Vuo window the data that has just been clicked.

Basically, I create an interface for controlling and driving data (names) in a first Vuo window. These will appear in a second window Vuo broadcast live. the csv file serves me as a database.

cherry on the cake: remote via osc

watch a sport on TV, and all the registrations made (score, substitutions, faults, credits etc etc) what I want to reproduce ... I have already achieve this with QC ... but I find myself now limited by the compatibility of certain patches with OS or hardware ... (for example "Climb window" patch no longer works on my MBPR 2015 with a radeon GPU ... or I have lag problems on some animations ... the composition being heavy or greedy resources ...)

if the subject seems interesting to you, let's talk about it. ;)

i'm sorry if my explanations are flood, and for my bad english...


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csv issues : don't find the good setup...

Hello, I am a QC user who hesitate to switch to Vuo. I use QC basically to make sports scorers, scrollers etc etc So far, I'm trying to see if my previous projects are feasible with Vuo and I'm trying to understand the logic, (sometimes with difficulty) but I'm starting to understand some things ... unfortunately not all of them. (Why, nothing happens when I change, live, a patch value .... and what to do to get there grrrr;) )