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3 months ago
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video piglet posted a new Composition, “FeedbackAutoMask


This is a composition created for use in Resolume (etc) as an FFGL plug. It's designed to be used on a channel with a moving image and a lot of clear space (ie zero opacity). The feedback fills up in the clear space and then is automatically masked so that it has a "decay" and you can still see any background layers beneath.

I'd love some feedback (ha). I suspect this qualifies as a thoroughly noob composition. I'm sure there must be simpler ways of doing this.

Composition and supporting files: 

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So I've been using Vuo to make FFGL plugs for Resolume and I'm very pleased.

I notice however that the exported plugs are quite large. Typically ~10mb. The native Resolume plugs are tiny ~50kb. Is that to be expected? Why so much larger?

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Oh right, that's good to keep in mind. However I am a mac user as are most of my colleagues.

Has anyone been using Vuo to make plugs for Resolume?

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buy vuo1.2.8 > get vuo2.0 > export FFGL > use in Resolume 6/7?


I'd love it if someone can confirm if I have all this correct. I'm interested in buying Vuo but realistically only for the purpose of creating FFGL to use in Resolume so if that doesn't work smoothly it will be a real drag.

So first I need to purchase Vuo1.2.8 - after that I have acess to Vuo2.0. Correct?

Vuo2.0 exports to FFGL that functions in Resolume 6 and 7. Correct?

Are there good indications that Resolume will continue to support FFGL plugs produced by Vuo in future versions (of Resolume)?

thanks, this seems like a promising development.