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    Thanks for the response! I managed to get hold of a kinect 360 and I can confirm it does indeed work straight out of the box (with my ten years old macbook pro). Fun stuff. Pity NiMate is discontinued, I'll post back if I find a substitute.

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    If I buy a secondhand Kinect will it immediately work with Vuo?


    I have no experience with kinect and I don't think I've ever even played an xbox (weird I know).

    I did a google search, looked around for fifteen minutes and couldn't really find anything definitive. I thought it might be fastest just to post here.

    1) Does a kinect have a normal usb cable?

    2) If I plug it in to a macbook pro will I automatically receive messages that can be read by Vuo?

    3) What else do I need to know?


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    video piglet commented on video piglet's Composition, “Audiohedron

    ah ok i thought it would package the subcompositions in with the composition... I attached the bom rotate node here, you will probably have to drop it into your node folder before opening the main composition. However... even without it you should still be able to run the main composition... all it does is rotate at a speed determined by bpm.

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    video piglet posted a new Composition, “Audiohedron


    null hypothesis 'Hair & Dust'

    This is I believe the most advanced composition I've made so far. I hope you guys can learn something from it. Please consider it creative commons and if you use it as the basis for something else make sure you attribute it to RAVESTABBER. I'd love it if you sent me a notification as well.

    Composition and supporting files: 

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    Hi I attached two screenshots. The bug is evident to me even in an incredibly simple configuration. The interior walls of the tube should not be visible by default. The bottom half of the composition window I attached should in fact be entirely black. I suspect this creates problems when attaching subsequent nodes such as Divide 3d Object (it's not worth trying to replicate it here because this is most likely source of the problem). Also it uses unneccessary CPU/GPU rendering surfaces that are invisible.

    Please also note that I attached a sequence you requested for a previous bug report:

    thanks for all your hard work :-)