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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I will do some voting.

Q. Aside from the Shift+Command+R to restart a Composition, or right-click on a value, is there any trick to firing off all the Fire on Start nodes? Often I've made a change, but find it tedious to reload to see the changes.

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💎 Some UX proposals

Hey folks! Just to set some context… I'm a a relatively new user to Vuo Pro (thanks for the current discount pricing!). Know QC like the back of my hand, RIP . Have done a bunch of prototyping work in pretty much all the tools, including Framer, Origami, Principle.

I thought I'd selfishly make a list of a few little points of friction here. 🙂

Running a MBP, with old school Cinema display attached as primary display. Vuo 2.1.2. Catalina 10.15.6

  1. Had a couple of crashes. Don't remember seeing a crash report dialogue, but hopefully logs are going somewhere!