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    Welcome @ooftv

    @cremaschi nailed it. I just wanted to add —no need to feel sorry for asking…I think this is a big issue that must confuse most new users (leaving them to quit Vuo)

    Your intention, as a design, is for the Change Window Screen to have an impact on Render Image to Window. However, given the wiring you show, the Change Window Screen node can never have any impact.

    That's a chasm between clear user intention and program result that I would call a major UI issue.

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    It's a good one, isn't it!

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    Thanks @jmcc

    The conflict I see is that the same state (a selected node) has different behaviour based on how it got selected, which breaks the model. I could see a case to not update in realtime whilst selecting, and of course there's no support for multiple selections.

    Here's my thinking: on mouseUp, if one node is selected, show the node documentation for it.

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    keithlang posted a new Feature Request, “Change Window Opacity

    Change Window Opacity

    For an application I am working on, it would be useful to do the same thing that the does as a result of Tools>Canvas Transparency. Ie, I would like to change the opacity of the window, or better, to set a transparent background.


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