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    11 months ago
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    Dan posted a new Composition, “What to do O'Clock

    What to do O'Clock

    What To Do O’Clock - A Timepiece Screen Saver

    Everyday was Groundhog Day working from home in the lockdown. “I can’t remember, do I work at home or do I live at work??” Then I saw this from Austin Kleon and got thinking about how we measure time, and to how sometimes you need a little direction as to what it is you are suppose to be doing.

    Hey Presto! the ‘What To Do O’Clock’ is a Mac screensaver or stand alone application for MacOS that tells you what it is you are supposed to be doing at any given time.

    Composition and supporting files: 

    Exported App: 

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    This would be the most helpful feature in terms of deployment and using this in situations and art installations! Would open up a lot of opportunities!

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    Dan commented on Dan's Discussion, “How do you create options for screensavers?

    Thanks! Will vote...