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    VUO FFGL crashing _crash report says Port Range & 'FeedbackTransform' has unknown type '


    Vuo version: 

    OS version: 

    • macOS 11

    CPU architecture: 

    Intel x86_64

    How severely does this bug affect you?: 

    ●●●○ — It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

    Steps causing the bug to occur: 

    1. Creating Noise with Feedback using HOLD VALUE. -plays fine with in VUO but its FFGL export instantly crashes Resolume
    2. Crash report - includes.: = 0.2686s VuoMacFFGL.mm:516 _ZL15VuoMacFFGL_initP8NSBundle_block() Warning: Port 'FeedbackTransform' has unknown type 'VuoTransform2d'. Ignoring it. t= 0.3934s VuoMacFFGL.mm:1622 plugMain() Warning: Unknown FreeFrame function call 50 input=0x7ffeeb861e20 instance=0x0. __. _ZL15VuoMacFFGL_initP8NSBundle_block() Warning: Port 'Range' has unknown type 'VuoRange'. NOT sure if this is from the same FFGL or another one.

    Other notes: 

    Two Vuo comps attached -inspired and started from Luiz Andre Game "Reaction Diffusion With Some Mushrooms"- I really like the effects that can be achieved by image filters on feedback copy of noise and works great in VUO but resolume and vdmx does not seem to like them at all. On positive note; Resolume 7 and Isadora trial have been really great with all the rest of my many VUO FFGL plugins- thanks for any help or suggestions.. best wishes Paul


    Binary Data KeithHarringMushroomsBu.vuo10.39 KB
    Binary Data FeedbackViaHold.vuo6.93 KB

    Crash reports: 

    Package icon crashReports.zip490.57 KB
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    Paul commented on Lucas Garcias's Composition, “Super shape Feedback

    I like the sound and sound response demonstrated in your clip Lucas.!

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    Paul posted a new Feature Request, “More Varieties of Noise Functions
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    Paul commented on Lucas Garcias's Composition, “Super shape Feedback

    Hey Lucas , great composition thanks. Ive added my tweaks to it here- with trying to add fibonacci expression thanks to Huseyin Kuru and VUO. the compositions really come alive when the parameters are animated -by human or sound! tested in VDMX, Isadora and Resolume - working best in Isadora and Resolume for my system.. FFGL plug-in and composition attached.

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    Paul commented on Paul's Bug Report, “problem with VUo shader in VDMX

    thanks everyone for all your detective work- I have found the recent VDMX beta s have fixed some of the problems I was having with Vuo ffgl but not all- and now the majority of my ffgl just crash VDMX... Looking forward to further updates to VDMX - good luck and thanks team Vuo !