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Yep, it's a good idea in general to remove unnecessary triggers.

When testing with your subcompositions, my coworker encountered a problem related to the Process List node whose Finished Processing output port isn't connected to anything. It appears to be a new problem in Vuo 2.0.0 (starting with beta1). Workaround: publish the output port or, if you don't actually need the output, delete the node. We'll work on a fix.

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Jaymie commented on George_Toledo's Discussion, “vuo 2.0 sdk

Because that's the only way developers can distribute command-line utilities that macOS 10.15 is willing to run, now that Notarization is required.

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Jaymie commented on George_Toledo's Feature Request, “Specify size of Image Generator Window

Nope, there's not currently a way to do that. I've promoted your question to a feature request. I'll open it for voting after checking with the team on how long it would take to implement.

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Jaymie commented on mic's Bug Report, “default video input device not found

That explains why we couldn't reproduce it :) Thanks for letting us know the results of your investigation.