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In reviewing the code for the Blackmagic nodes, we found a piece that might cause video mixups like you demonstrated. This could happen when using 2 or more Receive Blackmagic Video nodes. We'll have a possible fix for you to try in the Vuo 2.0 beta.

Thanks for reporting this problem and taking the time to test various configurations.

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Jaymie commented on Joe's Feature Request, “OpenCV create contours from image/colour

OK, so this would be a node that inputs an image and outputs a list of contour lines. Opened for voting.

On a similar request potentially, there was also _1024 Image to structure plugin

Interesting. That's different enough to be a separate feature request, if you'd like to create one. Is it still possible to download that plugin somewhere?

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I like it. Screensaver attached.

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eseftel, thanks for reporting this problem. Are you on macOS 10.14.4? If so, this is probably the same bug as Live video crashes/failures in macOS 10.14.4.

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Jaymie commented on Teo's Discussion, “Cannot include <iostream> with vuo-compile

Can you explain the process of compiling a node?

  • First, vuo-compile invokes Clang to convert the .c or .cc file to an LLVM module. It passes along the header search paths from the vuo-compile arguments and adds a few additional arguments.
  • Then, it alters the LLVM module, renaming global variables and functions so that they are unique to the node class. For example, nodeEvent would be renamed to example_stateless_vuoize__nodeEvent.
  • Finally, it saves the altered LLVM module to file.