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@jstrecker commented on @jersmi's Bug Report, “JSON issue

Thanks for reporting this problem, @jersmi. We plan to include a fix in Vuo 1.2.7.

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@jandraka, marvelous! Thanks very much!

Magneson (@MartinusMagneson) and Alastair (@usefuldesign), if you have a chance to test in the next couple days, that would still be helpful for the 1.2.7 release.

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Welcome, @tapage. Glad you figured it out.

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Interesting idea. It would save space on the canvas. Opened for voting.

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@Kewl, remove the precision lowp float (that's not supported on desktop OpenGL), and change gl_FragCoord to gl_FragCoord.xy.

Sorry, we don't have the new syntax implemented yet, but are still planning to include it in the next major release.

Thanks for the time workaround. Added to the list.