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Jaymie commented on tapetenstrahler's Feature Request, “Ableton LINK integration

Thanks for the suggestion, tapetenstrahler. This feature request is now open for community voting.

Just to let you know, before implementing this feature request, we would first ask Ableton for approval. ("If you would like to incorporate Link into a proprietary software application, please contact link-devs@ableton.com.")

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A question to Vuo team. Why does this comp show the hiccup as well?

I would expect that composition to hiccup only at the beginning. The second event from Fire on Display Refresh will be stuck waiting (or dropped, depending on the trigger's setting) until the first event has finished loading the image. After that, events from Fire on Display Refresh shouldn't be be stuck/dropped since the subsequent image loading is done on a separate event stream (Spin Off Event).

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So far with this comp, having the Vuo 2 Comp Loader open with Show Events selected is crashing the 2beta4 editor after 20-30 secs....

Created a bug report: https://vuo.org/node/2571

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Crash after running for ~30 seconds with Show Events enabled


Vuo version: 

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Open the attached composition.
  2. Within it, open the subcomposition.
  3. Run the composition.
  4. Enable Show Events in both the composition and subcomposition.
  5. Wait ~30 seconds.

Other notes: 

Originally reported by jersmi on https://vuo.org/node/2552 . I too got a crash on my first (and only so far) attempt.


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Crash reports: 

Binary Data Vuo_2020-01-29-114302_Serios-Jobb.crash122.61 KB