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Jaymie commented on jon121's Bug Report, “Comment screen lines and no auto scroll

Thanks, jon121, for making the video to explain. Both in your video and in my brief testing, the graphics artifacts (horizontal and vertical lines) seem to start appearing once you've scrolled far enough that the top of the comment is out of view. For that problem, I'm marking this bug report "accepted".

The other problem, the lack of auto scroll, is related to this merged feature request and this open bug report. The same problem arises when you try to drag the comment itself, or a node, past the edge of the window. Unfortunately it won't be easy to fix, but it's covered by the other bug report.

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From the crash report, it looks like the app was exported from an earlier version of Vuo. The "Library not loaded" for Syphon is a bug that has since been fixed. If you re-export the app from Vuo 2.3.2, does it launch successfully?

No other software I own that used to run with kinect seem to get any input from it anymore… I still can't exclude a hardware problem

Yeah, it sounds like a problem with the Kinect, or at least something outside of Vuo since it affects other software.

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Jaymie commented on jersmi's Feature Request, “Knob for Faster Expressive Results

Just a quick observation — Seems like different people are talking about different end-users of the composition. Could be the composition author themself, or a composition operator who uses someone else's composition within the Vuo editor, or the user of an exported app. While general principles of UI design (if anyone in the world can agree on what those are) would apply to all, the solution that seems most intuitive or fits best with the composition author's + end user's workflow could be specific to each.

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Sounds good. I've adjusted the title and opened the feature request for voting.

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Jaymie commented on Magneson's Bug Report, “Input ports of shader disappear

Thanks for reporting this bug, Magneson. We can reproduce it and will work on fixing it.