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@jstrecker commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “Total immersion - projection?

You could render the same scene using 6 normal perspective cameras, 90º FOV. Make Quad Layer might be useful for corner point adjustments.

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Please find my third and hopefully final version attached

FFGL plugin attached.

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@jstrecker commented on @Scratchpole's Discussion, “vid2vid (style transfer)

Wow. Yeah, that would be amazing. vid2vid has a non-commercial license so it is probably not something Team Vuo could add. But if anyone else would be interested in coding it, you can embed Python in C/C++.

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can comps exported as FxPlugins from Vuo include embedded graphics for referencing within the comp/plugin (I know that an exported Mac app can) ?

Yes. They get bundled in with the FxPlug (or FFGL or screensaver), same as they would when exporting to app. Quick demo attached.

FxPlugs do not appear directly in Final Cut Pro, but rather they appear in Apple Motion

FxPlugs exported from Vuo do appear directly in Final Cut Pro. Part of the export process involves creating a Motion template automatically. You can use Vuo FxPlugs in Motion but you don't have to. They're already set up for FCPX.

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Thanks for pointing out the icon — fixed now.