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Confirmed. Thanks for reporting, Bodysoulspirit.

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Jaymie commented on video piglet's Bug Report, “Vuo crashes on launch

videopiglet Thanks for reporting this bug and providing the crash report. We looked at the crash report and it gives some clues, but not enough to solve the problem. Would it be possible for you to upload the ISF modules that you had installed? The crash report mentions the ones below. If you had others installed, those might be helpful, too.

  • st_Ms2SD1.fs.fs
  • wowowowowowow.fs
  • isf.anothergridthingy
  • isf.anotherspheriodfractalthing
  • isf.badTv
  • isf.bitstreamer
  • isf.brokenLcd
  • isf.cgaColorspace
  • isf.candywarp
  • isf.colordiffusionflow
  • isf.cosmiccog2
  • isf.dimensionmorphingtopography
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Rob and Bodysoulspirit — Possibly all that needs to be done is to re-export the screen saver with the current version of Vuo — which we did for the attached version. Rob, could you try it and see if it works for you? After downloading and unzipping it, right-click and select Open (specifically right-click-Open, not just double-left-click), then acknowledge it's from an unidentified developer, then it should open. In our testing, we confirmed that "klk's Simple Plasma 1.0.1.zip" fails to run but the attached screen saver works.

I also would like to task if its possible to tie audio parameters in VUO to the video shaders and other elements that create the visual in the app for more creative expressiveness?

To some extent. With the Shadertoy node, you could feed audio loudness or other numerical parameters into the Mouse Position input port. There's also the option to create ISF shaders, with more choice of data types for input ports.

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Jaymie commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “'If True, Else' Node?

To reiterate the important bits from earlier on this thread: Vuo has two families of nodes that are equivalent to "if-else" in text languages: Select Input and Select Output.

As the composition below shows, Select Input is more like a ternary operator or functional-paradigm if-else that "returns" one of two expressions. Select Output is more of a procedural-paradigm if-else: if true, do this; else, do that.

More examples are in the manual: Do something if one or more conditions are met.

There isn't a combined node that does both the equal-check and the select. The trouble with adding that is there are so many combinations: 5 variations on the Are Equal node X 9 variations on Select Input X 9 variations on Select Output. (Feature requests Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports and Lists within lists should get it down to 4 variations on Select Input and 4 on Select Output.)

If you have one combination that you use most of the time, then your best bet would be to create a subcomposition and add that to your node library (as you already did). For a general solution, I don't know that there's one combination that is the best choice for most people most of the time. Right now there are already so many if-else nodes in the node library that adding more wouldn't necessarily make things any easier for novices.

Is there some way that we could improve the node library search, documentation, or example compositions to make it easier for others searching for if-else to find a good solution?

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Jaymie commented on Alejo's Bug Report, “Big Sur AVFoundation not found

A lot of things changed in Big Sur, including major changes to system libraries. This affects AVFoundation (for video) as well as more basic libraries needed by all compositions. I'd be surprised if you could get any compositions to run on Big Sur with Vuo 2.1.2. We're working on that problem as well as many others introduced by Big Sur, and expect to have at least the most critical problems fixed by the next Vuo release.