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Jaymie commented on marioepsley's Discussion, “offset date-time. scrubbing

You could feed your key date-times (as seconds after the start date-time in 1996) into Make Points along Spline. The node outputs a list of points that contains your key date-times, along with other date-times interpolating between them for animation. As the mouse moves left/right, you scrub through that list of points.

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Jaymie commented on Bodysoulspirit's Composition, “80's Loop

Nice composition in its own right, as well as a good example of Tile 3D Object.

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OK, here's our plan. If this makes sense to you, Magneson, we'll open this feature request for voting.

  • Modify the Curve node so that the Curve and Easing input ports have the option to be changed to data type Real. (The node would still default to its current behavior.)
  • When the Curve port is a Real, the curve formula is based on x^n and the port controls n. (The port value could be n itself or a value in 0..1 that maps to n, not sure yet.)
  • When the Easing port is a Real, it has no effect when Curve is linear, and otherwise it controls where the easing happens (0 = easing in, 0.5 = easing middle, 1 = easing out).
  • The calculations will be available through the VuoCurve API, so if you wanted to implement more complex variations in custom nodes, you could use that as a starting point.

Trying to keep it relatively simple so it doesn't require as many votes to justify implementing :)

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Jaymie commented on Bodysoulspirit's Composition, “3D Eclipse EQ

If you use the full-screen button at lower right, does the little gear in the lower right show HD or some other quality setting?

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kingluma — I see you're already subscribed to Vuo's mailing list, so you should be receiving emails of blog posts like this one. We plan to make another blog post when the beta is available.