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The text layer behaving differently after you converted the composition to the image generator protocol could be related to event flow through published ports.

The text should be equally crispy as long as you're rendering at the same resolution, regardless of the rendering destination. If the text doesn't look right in the exported movie, I'd suggest checking your export settings, including resolution, movie quality, and motion blur.

If you're still stuck on either of these problems, I'd suggest posting question(s) or discussion(s) and on each attaching a simple composition that demonstrates the problem.

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After testing some different configurations of the anti-spam thing, we ended up reducing the wait time to 1 second, which stops robots but doesn't get in the way of humans, at least not the humans on the Vuo team :)

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Chris (@cwilmsloyalist), maybe you could do something like that using a second-display app for iOS.