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Here's the FFGL for your latest version.

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These are beautiful selections! Thanks! Exported screensavers attached.

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Nice! Here's an FFGL plugin exported from your composition. I added parameters for blur quality and image scale so you can choose lower quality + lighter GPU load or higher quality + heavier GPU load. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks so much!

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@DRDN, sorry you're having trouble. Here are some things to try:

  • Uninstall any subcompositions/nodes you have installed.
    • Go to Tools > Open User Modules Folder. If there are any files in there, move them out of the folder.
    • Do the same with Tools > Open System Modules Folder.
    • Restart Vuo.
  • Delete Vuo's module cache:
    • Go to Finder (e.g. click on the Desktop).
    • Go to the Go menu and hold down the Option key, and select the Library option that appears.
    • Find the Library > Caches > org.vuo folder and throw it in the trash.
    • Restart Vuo.

If that doesn't fix it, could you post the crash report? You could also check Console.app for any log messages from Vuo.

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Seeking cool demo compositions for exporting to FxPlug, FFGL, and screensavers

New ways to export compositions are 3 of the 4 highest-voted features coming in the next release — FxPlug plugins for Final Cut Pro X, FFGL plugins for Resolume and other apps, and macOS screensavers.

You, the community, realized the exciting potential of these features. Now will you help us spread that excitement?

Here's how you can help: