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Azy (@krezrock), thanks for attaching your composition.

We tested your composition on a MacBook Pro and, like you, did not get a "Not enough memory" dialog before exporting. But there was an error logged in Console.app while exporting:

VuoSceneRenderer.cc:1592          VuoSceneRenderer_renderInternal()    Not enough graphics memory for a 7680x4320 (8 bytes/pixel * 8 sample) render with depth buffer.  Requires 6644 MB, have 1674 MB.

When calculating the amount of graphics memory required to export the movie, Vuo isn't factoring in the settings on the Render Scene to Image node (Color Depth = 16bpc and Multisampling = 8x) which increase memory usage substantially. So it doesn't know in advance to pop up the "Not enough memory" dialog. It tries to export and then runs out of memory and logs the error to console.

I'm not sure if it would be practical to factor the Render Scene to Image settings into the calculation of memory before exporting, but maybe Vuo could display a dialog if you run out of memory while exporting. At least then it would be clear what is going on. I'll confer with the team.

To work around the memory limit, you can reduce the color depth, multisampling, or antialiasing.

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Oh OK. Thanks for the tip.

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We retested on macOS 10.13 and are no longer seeing the bug, either on the Vuo version where it was originally seen (Vuo 0.5.1) or more recent Vuo versions. So this appears to be a macOS bug that has been fixed.

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@jstrecker commented on @pbourke's Bug Report, “warp image node problem

Inverting the y-coordinate also inverts the triangles' winding order, so they're facing backwards. In general, Vuo's graphics processing discards backward-facing triangles as a performance improvement (backface culling). But it doesn't really make sense to discard them in the case of Warp Image with Projection Mesh. So we'll change that.

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Azy (@krezrock), it could be that the exporting is using more memory (VRAM) than you have available. Higher antialiasing uses more memory. Vuo is supposed to pop up a "Not enough memory" dialog before exporting if the calculated memory needed exceeds the memory available, but maybe it's not in this case. Could you attach the composition?

@Kewl, you're comparing Syphon Recorder to Vuo compositions' File > Start Recording, right? Vuo's File > Export > Movie should be completely reliable (no skipped frames). If you notice a case where it's not reliable, please let us know.