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Yeah, I'd recommend seeing what happens if you split it into two compositions. Also, is there some other Blackmagic capture app in which you could test receiving both streams simultaneously?

When the problem happens, do you see any messages from Vuo in Console?

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Joe, the problem with saving might be the Stop Composition. I thought it would be convenient but maybe it cuts off the composition before it's done saving. You could take that out and instead keep an eye on the timestamps. I just tested that with a longer recording (changed the 5s to 120s) and the framerate was steady. When you get a chance, maybe you could post a video that ended up with a variable framerate.

@eenixon, Vuo does timestamps, not timecode.

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Here are some discussions with examples: Calulating a circular movement of a light-source and How to rotate an object towards another object?.

The data going into the Rotation port of Make Quaternion Transform should come from a Make Quaternion from Vectors or Make Quaternion from Angle node.

Does the attached composition do what you want? I'm not sure which direction is the "right direction".

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It depends on your macOS version and Gatekeeper settings. If you can't install the screensaver by double-clicking on it, you should be able to right-click on it and pick Open. Then macOS warns about the unidentified developer but gives you the option to open it.

Yes, the feature request for code signing exported apps can cover screensavers, too. I'll make a note on it.

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kokot, you asked if this would be fixed in Vuo 2.0. Sorry, no, the fix will require extensive changes and we're not able to fit this into 2.0. We still plan to fix it in a later release.

Here is the status of the bug and our understanding of it:

  • Symptoms: 3D object filter nodes (including Add Noise, Explode, Trim) give incorrect output on certain GPU-macOS combinations, including your Intel Iris 640 on macOS 10.13.
  • Cause: Some GPU drivers don't support the GPU-based technique that Vuo uses for 3D object filters (OpenGL transform feedback).
  • Solution: Provide an alternative (slower) CPU-based implementation. Or there's a chance it will be fixed when we upgrade Vuo from OpenGL to Metal.

Have you (or anyone) tested the Intel Iris 640 on macOS 10.12 or earlier? There's a chance that the bug might not occur on older macOS versions, so that might be a workaround. Vuo 2.0 will support back to macOS 10.10.