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Jaymie commented on Paul's Bug Report, “Locale issue

This "bug" report can be closed.

OK! Thanks for following up.

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Jaymie commented on Charles's Discussion, “Change Vuo Language

Charles, are you sure you're running Vuo 2.0.0 and not one of the beta versions? There was a bug in one of the betas where region settings would override language settings, but I thought we fixed that. If not, I'd like to know! When my coworker tested with the same settings as in your screenshot, Vuo 2.0.0 was in English as expected.

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parmerud and I have been discussing by email. Summary:

  • Any relevant logs?
    • Console shows no logs whatsoever from Vuo.
    • Same with Vuo's debug mode enabled (defaults write org.vuo.Editor debug 1).
    • Checked that logged in with Admin user account rather than Standard.
  • Other things to try:
    • Alternative method to get log messages (sudo sysdiagnose -f ~/Desktop/).
    • Run Disk Utility > First Aid.
    • Create another macOS user account and run Vuo in that account.
    • Reinstall macOS.
    • Upgrade to a newer version of macOS.

Oh, and one other thing, parmerud — Any reports from Vuo in Console under User Reports or System Reports?