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@timwessman, sorry for the tardy reply.

Your system seems to have multiple local network interfaces (192.168.* and 172.*). That might be because it has both wifi and wired ethernet connected at the same time, or because you're connected to a VPN, or have a VM running, or because you have Thunderbolt or Firewire or Bluetooth or USB networking enabled, or something. Under System Preferences > Network, all the green dots are active network interfaces.

Vuo 1.2.6's OSC Broadcast mode (Make OSC Output) sends to all the network interfaces, to improve the chance of the message getting through to where you want it. If the receiving end is also listening on each of the multiple network interfaces, then it will receive the OSC message on each of those interfaces.

So the correct setup, as you figured out, would be to use Make OSC IP Output, which will only send to a single network interface.

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Yep, we've made some improvements, including an option to specify the type of barcode. If you'd like to send some of those student barcodes privately (https://vuo.org/contact), we can see if that fixes your problem. And/or I can let you know if we publish an alpha/beta release of Vuo 1.3 so you can test yourself.

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Those are good questions. I'm sure that making it built-in to Vuo would count as commercial since Vuo is a commercial product, but I'm unsure of all the implications of a node developed by a third party. If you happen to find anything in the OpenPose license agreement or other documentation that clears this up, please follow up here.