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@jstrecker commented on @jersmi's Discussion, “Layer Masking

By the time the image goes through Apply Mask, it has the transparency you want — opaque in the middle, transparent around the edges.

3D objects are finicky about transparency. (Open feature request: Improve rendering of transparent objects.) Not only do they need to have transparency in their shaders, they also have to be rendered in order from back to front. In this composition, I've put one 3D object slightly behind the other and put it first in the Render Scene to Window Objects list. This causes the cat on the right to be blended on top of the cat on the left.

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The Smooth with Duration node stores its own internal state. When you send a different value into Set Target, it starts from its current position, it doesn't start over at the original position. Maybe the attached composition helps as a demonstration.

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If I take away the Hold Value nodes inside of the subcomposition (attached), it no longer hangs.

Based on port popovers in the parent composition and a Display Console Window in the subcomposition:

  • First event hits Smooth With Duration With Internal State node's Value and Time input ports.
    • Event travels through subcomposition and emerges from Smooth With Duration With Internal State node's output port.
  • Second event hits Smooth With Duration With Internal State node's Value and Time input ports.
    • Event never makes it in through subcomposition's published input ports.

I don't yet know the details of why, but I'm guessing that the subcomposition is still working on its first time executing. The second event hits the subcomposition node, but inside of the subcomposition, it's still processing the first event.

This is probably a bug involving the way that nodes in the subcomposition are scheduled to execute. Obviously it shouldn't get stuck like that.

However, I don't think the Hold Value nodes are really accomplishing anything in this composition, right? Did you add them because the subcomposition wasn't actually smoothing the data? The problem there is that the Value port is receiving values as fast as the Time port — whereas the Smooth with Duration node and other smooth nodes are intended for the Target to change more slowly than the Time.

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@jstrecker commented on @Citizen-Caine's Discussion, “Shadertoy probs

My coworker suggested replacing textureLod with texture2D and then adjusting the input texture. The attached composition doesn't get you all the way there (don't know where the radial ripples are coming from), but maybe points you in the right direction.

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@jstrecker commented on @pbourke's Discussion, “rtsp

That sounds like good advice, but in case it doesn't work, another thing to try would be to run Vuo in debug mode to get more information about the problem.