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Jaymie commented on jandraka's Discussion, “Protocol ports view

First of all congratulate the team for the work done; Vuo 2.0 is amazing.


When I select a protocol the ports are not seen correctly…

Created bug report: Published input ports misaligned en español

The plugin appears in Isadora but with the name "Vuo composition" not with the new name. Also, if I create more plugins, I rename them and move them to the necessary folder for Isadora, only the last plugin created appears…

Isadora and other FFGL hosts look up the plugin name from metadata within the plugin, not the file name. So changing the file name doesn't change the actual plugin name.

Before you export the Vuo composition to FFGL, go to Edit > Composition Information (Edición > Información de composición) and enter a Name (Nombre). That is the name Isadora will use.

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kingluma, thanks for reporting these crashes. From the crash reports, it looks like two separate issues may be involved, one having to do with live editing and the other with layers.

Could you provide your selection_rect_rebuild subcomposition (and any other subcompositions it contains)? It would help immensely if we could replicate your setup in order to reproduce the crash.

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Jaymie commented on Bodysoulspirit's Bug Report, “Aligned Changing Text Moving

[Kewl] I tried your composition with Vuo 2 and I'm seeing the horizontal displacement, but to a lesser degree than in your video

Same here.

[Bodysoulspirit] could or should I create a feature request

No need. This is something we can/should fix within the text rendering code.

[Bodysoulspirit] Because for scrolling very big text sizes, Jaymie's fix to use Make Text Image instead, result in huge image sizes

In the long run, the best solution would be a 2D vector paths node set (similar to Kineme2D).

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Jaymie commented on cturnerh's Discussion, “Creating Final Cut Pro X Effects


(We haven't finished updating everything in the manual for 2.0 yet, but we have added sections on exporting FxPlug, FFGL, and screen savers.)

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Jaymie posted a new Tutorial, “Creating FFGL plugins in Vuo

Creating FFGL plugins in Vuo

Creating FFGL plugins in Vuo

Turning a composition into an FFGL (FreeFrame 1.6+) plugin for VJ apps such as Resolume, Magic Music Visuals, VDMX, and Isadora 3


Hi, this is Jaymie from the Vuo team. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create an FFGL plugin from a Vuo composition and use it in Resolume Avenue.

FFGL plugins you create in Vuo will run in 64-bit macOS apps that support FFGL, also known as FreeFrame 1.5 — including the ones listed here.

There are two kinds of FFGL plugins you can create in Vuo. Sources generate content for a clip. Effects change how a clip looks.

First we'll go through how to create an effect. Go to File > New Composition from Template > Image Filter.