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Yes, it would definitely be better if input editors and port popovers scaled along with the canvas. Opened for voting.

Meanwhile, some possible workarounds:

  • Reduce the screen resolution to make everything bigger (System Preferences > Displays > Resolution: Scaled).
  • Use macOS's built-in zoom feature (System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom).
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@jstrecker commented on @jayeazy's Bug Report, “RTSP Not working on Dahua IP Cams

Our most recent status update on the next release is here.

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@jstrecker commented on @MartinusMagneson's Discussion, “VuoType in the API

Not exactly.

What you can do is write (or find already written) different versions of a function that apply to each type. For example, if adding two points, you could call VuoGenericType1_add which will call VuoPoint2d_add or VuoPoint3d_add or VuoPoint4d_add depending on the type substituted in for VuoGenericType1.

I guess you could even write a group of functions like this to check the data type you're working with:

static bool VuoPoint2d_hasZCoord(VuoPoint2d p) { return false; }
static bool VuoPoint3d_hasZCoord(VuoPoint3d p) { return true; }
static bool VuoPoint4d_hasZCoord(VuoPoint4d p) { return true; }

Although then what do you do with that information? The following would not work:

VuoGenericType1 p;
if (VuoGenericType1_hasZCoord(p))
   p.z = 1;   // compile error

So you're probably better off writing/using higher-level functions like VuoPoint*d_add that don't just check for the existence of a certain coordinate, but actually accomplish whatever you need to do based on that check.

Or another option would be to eschew generic types and instead implement a separate version of the node class for each data type, like vuo.point.get.VuoPoint2d and vuo.point.get.VuoPoint3d and vuo.point.get.VuoPoint4d.

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Alastair (@usefuldesign) and @Bodysoulspirit, considering your recent discussion that helpfully points out what is and is not covered by similar feature requests, I've created another feature request, Insert node with context menu option on ports, and merged this feature request with that one.

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@jstrecker commented on @vjsatoshi's Bug Report, “3d transform

VJ SATOSHI (@vjsatoshi), sorry to hear it's not working for you.

When you run this composition, does it crash? Is there a crash report? (Console.app > User Reports)

Does the problem still happen if you uninstall all 3rd-party modules? (In Vuo, go to Tools > Open User Modules Folder and Tools > Open System Modules Folder. Move all files out of those folders.)

Does the problem also happen with Vuo 1.2.7?

[Edit:] I should have mentioned that my coworker tested this composition with Vuo 1.2.8 and macOS 10.14 and it worked as expected.