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@jstrecker posted a new Community Spotlight, “Mind-bending visual experiments by Luiz André Gama

Mind-bending visual experiments by Luiz André Gama

Luiz André Gama (@LuizAndre) is a graphic artist and co-founder of NeoHub Design Studio. He hails from Brazil and lives in Fermo, Italy. In this community spotlight, Luiz André talks about the beautiful and bizarre recursive images he’s been posting on Instagram — and shares some never-before-published works made with a new technique.

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@jstrecker commented on @pbourke's Discussion, “rtsp

@bLackburst, we checked the first several cameras on https://www.insecam.org/en/byrating/, and they all use MJPEG-over-HTTP rather than RTSP. I've created a feature request: https://vuo.org/node/2224

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@faultya, you have the composition set up correctly to show at 1280x720 in VDMX (or whatever size VDMX wants if you remove the Resize Image node). The preview you see when running it in Vuo is indeed 1024x768. But since you have the Width and Height ports connected, it should appear in VDMX at 1280x720.

(It would be better if you could specify the window size in Vuo for image generators. It's on our list of potential UI improvements, but we haven't gotten to it yet.)

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Hi, @lakrok. Welcome.

In addition to @Bodysoulspirit's excellent advice, I'll just suggest that you start with one of your small, working compositions and add in pieces gradually. As a first step, it's good that you tested each effect individually. Now, if you put them together one at a time, you can see when exactly images start disappearing.

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Indeed! We hope this makes it easier to post on vuo.org and easier to read the replies.