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@jstrecker commented on @jvolker's Feature Request, “Automatically reload modified nodes

It turns out that to implement some other features (GLSL editing, improvements to subcompositions) we get this one as a side effect. Marking it chosen!

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@jstrecker commented on @IP Identity Problem's Feature Request, “Push2 display drawing

You can set the LEDs using Vuo's existing MIDI nodes, but the LCD (shown in the video) uses a custom USB interface.

I've converted your question to a feature request, now open for voting.

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Yeah, looks like it provides nice human feature detection.

The commercial license is $25,000/year, which is a wee bit over Team Vuo's budget ;) However, if someone else were to implement some OpenPose nodes for Vuo non-commerically, they could use the OpenPose library for free.

The documentation for the OpenPose Demo says that it can output JSON. So if you were to record a video and write a JSON file from it, you could then play back the video and the JSON data in Vuo.

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@timwessman, great to hear that you're coding with the Vuo framework. Try this:

void nodeEvent(VuoOutputData(VuoOscMessage) message)
    struct json_object *data[1] = { json_object_new_double(1.23) };
    VuoOscType     dataTypes[1] = { VuoOscType_Auto };
    *message = VuoOscMessage_make(VuoText_make("/foo"), 1, data, dataTypes);