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@jstrecker commented on @jersmi's Feature Request, “Turn Share Value into a slider

OK, so we would provide an Edit Details context menu (like for published input ports) on the Share Value input port when it has a numerical type, and provide the slider input editor if a min and max have been set.

Opened for voting.

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@jstrecker commented on @cwright's Feature Request, “Minified/customizeable toolbar

We're already working on a Yosemite-style unified toolbar/titlebar (Pro). That will save some screen space. If customizability is still important to you, we can split that off into another feature request.

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After pondering on this suggestion for a while, we (Team Vuo) have realized that it takes Vuo in a different direction than we would like. With input from you and others in the community, we’ve been trying to make the UI simpler and more consistent. While the option to reverse nodes might clean up cables on the canvas, it would also mean one more fundamental thing new users have to learn (inputs are on the left and outputs are on the right — except when they’re not). The sometimes tangled cables are a legitimate problem. We think some of the other feature requests would address it in a way that better fits with our goals of simplicity and consistency.

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The closest we have available to test on is an Intel Iris Pro 5200, and that does not exhibit the problem in macOS 10.13.

Anyone else have an Intel Iris Plus 640? Do 3D object nodes such as Spike 3D Object, Divide 3D Object, and Add Noise to 3D Object work correctly for you on macOS 10.13? What about other macOS versions?