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Fixed in Vuo 2.0.0-beta3.

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mic, thanks for reporting this bug. Confirmed…

  • Dragging the Select Input's output port to Make Text Layer's Text input port works OK.
  • Dragging the Select Input's output port to the type converter's left port and selecting any of the "Change Input Port to …" items causes a crash.
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Jaymie commented on wmackwood's Discussion, “Get mesh values . . .

Rather than a full recreation of the Get Mesh Values node, could your problem be solved with a hypothetical Transform Point(s) node? The idea would be to feed the points that are currently going into Make Point Mesh, and the transforms that are currently going into Make 3D Object, into the Transform Point(s) node. Does that make sense?

To solve the problem with existing nodes, maybe you could implement the point transformation with Calculate? Not sure if the math would get too complex, better suited to a C node. (With a C node, there might be functions in the Vuo node API that you could take advantage of.)

As of Vuo 2.0.0-beta3, Make Point Mesh has been deprecated and replaced with Make Points Object. Similar for other nodes that deal directly with meshes.

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With the changes to the Hold Value node in Vuo 2.0, this exact case of failure to report an error is no longer relevant, so we won't attempt to debug. If there are other cases that come up with non-deprecated nodes in the future, those can go on separate bug reports.

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kingluma, do you still see these crashes with Vuo 2.0.0-beta3?