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Oh right, Apply Mask masks out areas that are transparent or dark. You figured out a way around it, but for future reference, here's a composition that uses Shadertoy to mask out only the transparent parts.

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With an Image Generator or Image Filter running in VDMX, you can adjust the FPS —

If you change it from the default (0) to 30 or 10 or whatever, that's how many times per second your composition will get published input events. (Tested in VDMX5 b0. with the attached compositions.)

Ideally when running an Image Generator or Image Filter, your published outputs should get the same number of events as your published inputs. If not every event reaches the published outputs, VDMX seems to handle that by imposing a timeout, which is better than the alternative (freeze/hang) but means your composition output will be jerky / low FPS. If extra events from a trigger reach the published outputs, it's not doing you any favors. Depending on the composition it might look weird, and it's not as efficient.

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You can use a Select Output node to skip every Nth event. Or use a Hold Value to merge a faster event stream into a slower one.

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We (Vuo team) have realized that we're not going to be able to fit this feature into the next release. We've made some progress, so I've bumped the Complexity rating down a notch. But we still need to figure out some open questions on how to make it behave intuitively and not slow down compositions.

I'm reopening this feature request for voting so we can see how important it is to the community compared to other feature requests. Since this feature request went immediately to "chosen", I'll add 20 votes from Team Vuo to represent the folks who commented favorably but never had the chance to vote.

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Thanks for checking! GetParameterDisplay is what we tried. It overlays the number onto the slider in Resolume —

Like Joris said, it doesn't affect the 0-1 range of the slider. Is the overlay helpful? I think we could add it easily. I just wasn't sure it would be helpful.