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Magneson (@MartinusMagneson), thanks for your helpful answer.

Alastair (@usefuldesign), I want to bring this discussion back in a constructive direction. I understand you're frustrated and I agree that Build List and Process List can be tricky to get working for non-trivial situations. A lot of people have had the similar questions. If you look for past discussions on Build List and Process List, you'll see several times where someone shared their composition and asked how to get it working, and with the community's help they were able to. These nodes are admittedly not the easiest to use, but they do get the job done if you're willing to have the patience, and they're hopefully better than nothing. Please bear with us until we're able to implement a more robust method of iteration.

While I and the rest of Team Vuo welcome suggestions on how to improve Vuo, or even measured comments on what you found difficult to learn, your recent comment comes across to me more as venting. I really am sorry that Vuo is falling short here. But that kind of comment is just not constructive or helpful toward solving the problem.

I think you're on the right track to be using Display Console Window in your debugging attempts. Without seeing the composition, I'm not sure why it's not working as you expect. Maybe if you post your composition someone can help.

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@jstrecker commented on @root's Feature Request, “Apply Mask node for layers

Opened for voting.

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Hey y'all. I want to give you an update on what Team Vuo expects to include in Vuo 1.3 for this feature. Before anyone gets too excited, we are not on the verge of releasing 1.3. I just want to let you know, in the interest of transparency, which UI components we think we can fit into the next major release and which ones will have to come later.

Planning to include:

  • action button (like current Make Button but more customizable)
  • checkbox
  • slider
  • customizable appearance — including colors when inactive, hovered, or pressed; label font and placement; and corner roundedness

After the next major release, we plan to keep this feature request marked as "chosen" and implement more UI nodes. We won't be able to do everything that has been proposed in the comments on this feature request, but we will try to pick the most popular and widely useful suggestions. We'll let you know. For more advanced/niche UI functionality, you'll be able to create additional feature requests.

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@jstrecker commented on @root's Feature Request, “Deploy compositions as FFGL plugins

We would like to once Deploy compositions to Windows is implemented.

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@jstrecker commented on @Bodysoulspirit's Feature Request, “Export as OSX Screensavers

This feature became pretty quick to implement once the structure was in place for Deploy compositions as FxPlug plugins, and it has a lot of votes, so we plan to include it in the next major release.