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@jstrecker commented on @cwright's Feature Request, “Pinch-zoom in editor

Chosen to be implemented.

@alexmitchellmus, we've decided to focus on just the main (pinch-gesture) part of this feature request, since it's a long-standing request. If you'd like the mouse-wheel zoom, feel free to create a feature request (and if possible, please let us know what modifier keys you're accustomed to using in other software).

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There are different kinds of noise. The Perlin noise you're generating in Vuo is different from the kind of noise you're generating in Processing.

Perlin noise is maybe easier to understand if you look at what it was originally developed for: natural-looking textures. Here is what that looks like (generated by the Make Noise Image node):

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It is sometimes/unexpectedly/itermitently grinding to a halt and I can't determine what is wrong.

Oddly it looks like NI mate is sending a lot more OSC messages than it says (instead of 30 fps, about 120 fps, which is around 1,200 OSC messages per second). That's a bit much for Vuo to digest. Adding a Hold List node, as in the attached composition, should help.

Unless I'm missing something, you could skip the Get Mesh Values and Make Mesh with Values, and maybe improve performance a bit.

I tried export as an app but the audio didn't play...

The problem is that your audio file didn't get copied into the app. Vuo can automatically copy audio files in some cases, but if it misses your file, you can copy it into the app manually. See the manual section Exporting an application.

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@Scratchpole, I'm glad you were able to find a solution with help from Magneson (@MartinusMagneson).

For reference of other people with the same question, see @Scratchpole's composition Spikey noisey kinect play audio by position. It demonstrates using Set Time to move the audio playhead.