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@MikhailNazarov, sorry this is not working for you.

It sounds like the same issue as we've seen for AMD FirePro D500, ATI Radeon 7970, and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640. Based on the serial number submitted when you activated Vuo, I think your graphics card is an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650. Is that correct?

The problem is that some graphics cards don't support the GPU-based technique that Vuo uses for 3D object filters such as Trim 3D object (OpenGL transform feedback). One solution would be to provide an alternative (slower) CPU-based implementation. Or possibly this will be fixed when we upgrade Vuo from OpenGL to Metal, we'll see.

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In your smaller (working) composition, there's a cable into the refresh port of Hold List. In your larger (not working) composition, that cable is missing. So Hold List never outputs anything.

(The other two input ports of Hold List have walls. They block all events. Only the refresh port lets events through.)

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Same thing when running in Vuo Editor: If you feed it an image with a transparent background, the background of the output image is pink.

In your composition, the input image is being composited on top of a red background using multiply blend mode. So, transparent areas will show the background (red), and white areas will multiply the background by 1 (1 * red = red). Same with dark green and dark blue. Then it adds the 3 together. red + dark green + dark blue = pink.

To mask out transparent parts of the image, you can use Apply Mask.

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@jstrecker commented on @marioepsley's Discussion, “Total immersion - projection?

You could render the same scene using 6 normal perspective cameras, 90º FOV. Make Quad Layer might be useful for corner point adjustments.