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Wow, thanks ClapsOn2and4 for compiling Vuo from source and testing that change. I tested on my system and got the same results: no more crashes (at the expense of much slower launch).

Here's another way to cap the number of threads:

diff --git a/compiler/VuoModuleCompilationQueue.cc b/compiler/VuoModuleCompilationQueue.cc
index 559ab4357..12b4bb15a 100644
--- a/compiler/VuoModuleCompilationQueue.cc
+++ b/compiler/VuoModuleCompilationQueue.cc
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@

 #include "VuoModuleCompilationQueue.hh"

-const int VuoModuleCompilationQueue::maxConcurrentCompilations = 8;
+const int VuoModuleCompilationQueue::maxConcurrentCompilations = 2;

  * Creates an empty item. Set its data members before enqueueing it.

As you hypothesized, it reduces but does not eliminate the crashes.

I tested our work-in-progress code to see if we might have already fixed the bug (since we've revised a lot of the code related to loading ISFs and other modules). From my testing so far, it looks like we probably have. We'll plan to do more testing and include those changes in Vuo 2.5.0 some months from now.

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If you click on the Interpret Data as Image node's Data input port, the popover shows that it has a data type of Binary Data. In Vuo, Binary Data represents raw bytes, the way information is stored in a file or in memory. That's the abstract definition. For the practical definition, all you really need to know is that you can connect this port to any output port of type Binary Data.

If you search the node library for "binary data", the first result is the Fetch Data node, so let's start with that. With Fetch Data -> Interpret Data as Image, you can make a glitchy image from the bytes of any file. InterpretData-file.vuo

Another node that comes up in the search is Make Data from Bytes. This is a nice one because it lets you convert numbers to bytes — so, anything you can convert to numbers, you can then convert to an image. For example, audio samples. InterpretData-audio.vuo

Or you can make a patterned image using math, like Make Points along Line or Calculate List. InterpretData-math.vuo

If you broaden the node library search to "data", you'll see some additional nodes that output Binary Data, such as Receive Serial Data and Convert Text to Data. You could also connect those to Interpret Data as Image.

Maybe others in the community can give examples of how they're using Interpret Data as Image.

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Jaymie commented on kokot's Bug Report, “Glitches on the screen when using Vuo

Closing this bug report since the problem may be fixed. But if not, let us know and we can reopen it.

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Jaymie commented on Paul's Bug Report, “Movie fast forward

Closing this bug report since there's no action we can take at this time. But if anyone can provide enough information to reproduce the problem, we can reopen it.

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Closing this bug report since we didn't identify anything that needs to be fixed in Vuo based on the information so far. If the problem is still unsolved, let us know and we'll reopen the bug report.