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    I made a donation to Vuo.


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    Bodysoulspirit commented on dee's Discussion, “Sharing Apps

    Jaymie I remember an old post of yours where you mentioned code-signing a Vuo app until the implemantion of Code sign and notarize exported apps.
    Do you have a link to an article describing how that would work with an App exported from Vuo ?
    Any idea if that would work with exported screensavers too ?

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    Jaymie, I changed the title and description of this FR since the part about converting a single color already is implemented ;) Hope it's fine, please modify if not.

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    Support "full" fullscreen on recent displays (ex with notch)

    Hi guys ;)

    Not sure how to name this feature request, but on recent MacBook screens, the ones with a notch, it would be really cool if the fullscreen mode would allow "real" fullscreen. I mean the full display, closer to the borders and next to the notch.

    When switching to fullscreen mode, right now, it reduces the size with a bigger top, bottom and sides black border, as displayed in the image below.

    2 things that would be cool I guess :

    a - Have the possibility to have this as an option. To use the old method or the "full" screen.
    b - This should be accessible if you enter fullscreen mode with cmd-f AND with the green window fullscreen button.


    Screenshots, Mockups, and Videos: 


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    Hi Chris,

    Maybe with Tile Layer ? Joined is a Tile Layer version or a Particles version.

    Hope this helps.

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    Bodysoulspirit commented on vj_dobermann's Discussion, “Cycle through list

    Hi vjdobermann and Happy NY too ;)

    Using a Became True node should do the trick, it will only fire when the value became true, here when the value is greater than 0,5.

    Hope this helps, cheers