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    I made a donation to Vuo.
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    Bodysoulspirit posted a new Bug Report, “Webpage rendering problems

    Webpage rendering problems


    Vuo version: 

    OS version: 

    • macOS 12

    CPU architecture: 

    Apple Silicon (M1/ARM64)

    How severely does this bug affect you?: 

    ●●●○ — It prevents me from completing a specific task with Vuo.

    Steps causing the bug to occur: 

    Yesterday as I posted a feature request for Lottie files (, I thought "before having to implement the whole thing natively into Vuo, why not just a web browser engine and the Make Image From Web node ?
    Tried with :

    But then some bugs happened.

    a - For the joined composition, it does load the webpage, but then
    b - It stays static at first.
    c - It's only when you set the composition in fullscreen that it still stays static, but after you EXIT the fullscreen mode, the page animation is displayed.
    d - And an artefact appears, an extra image of the web page beside the composition screen that only disappears when quitting the composition (see screenshot).

    e - Then going back fullscreen the animating stops again.
    f - Also sometimes, when changing the output image size, it stops also, and you have to redo the go-fullscreen + undo-fullscreen to see the animation again.

    Not specifically linked to this Url though. The same happens for example with


    I've been reading this bug report (Fire periodically and OS Monterey on ARM Mac : and Jaymie's answer. But somehow it's sad we can't have a robust and speedy way to display all kind of html stuff.
    The world is so web based nowadays and there is such a big amount of web related technologies that are being developed faster than any other.

    I really wished there was an up to date browser / render engine that would allow all web stuff to be displayed smoothly.

    Side question : Even though an hypothetical up to date engine would be used and everything would be displayed, would we always be getting a speed trade of because the node outputs an IMAGE ?
    I mean would it be faster if we had a thing like "Render HTML to window" as a port type and Render node set ?


    Hardware : MacBook Pro M1 Pro 14"

    Have you been able to reproduce the problem?: 

    ●●● — Yes, the problem occurs consistently when I follow the steps above

    Have you found a workaround?: 




    Binary Data Render Web Page.vuo2.64 KB
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    Load & Play Lottie animated files (JSON & .lottie)

    Hi there ;)

    Was wondering. Wouldn't it be cool if Vuo could load & play Lottie files ? (

    Seem to be quite a big way nowadays for light animations as opposed to the old GIF images.
    Would allow to use some animations made with Adobe After Effects in Vuo and export into apps, screensavers, vids & plugins (new tools coming out to create them as well).

    I guess it would be good to load and play both .json & .lottie file formats (

    In what kind of renderer would / could we render them in to though ? Layers ? Or will we have to wait for SVG import to be added into Vuo since these are vector based ?

    Also hope the license would be compatible with Vuo.


    Some links : (a simple macOS Lottie player)

    Some example : Liquid Blobby Loader (converted to a mp4 below to be able to embed here in the text since iFrames are not supported)



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    Bodysoulspirit commented on jvolker's Feature Request, “SVG & PDF import

    Hi Vuo Team ;)

    I'm having some questions regarding this :

    1 - Will this be like a new Render To X thing ? I mean, a new port type ?

    Once a vector is loaded, how will we output it ? Will we have a Render Vectors to Window node ? That would be great I guess. And will there be converting to nodes if we wanted to add vector stuff into let's say a Scene or Layer renderer ?

    2 - What will we be able to access from the Vectors. Or what will we be able to manipulate ?

    3 - Will animated SVG be a thing ? For example SVG's exported with SVGator ? See example below ;) (SVG from


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    Bodysoulspirit commented on Bodysoulspirit's Discussion, “Help with stateful nodes

    Thank you Jaymie !

    Will take myself some time to study your answer but already wanted to thank you :)

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    sinemod yes import will be great ;)

    Related feature request : SVG & PDF import