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Additional CMYK color printing profiles

As mentionned by @JérômeLanon here at Make CMYK Color

This FR would be either / or

a - A basic support for a generic CMYK printing like gamut, perhaps as an option on the node to select either the full (1-C)*(1-K) conversion or a generic printing gamut profile.

b - A wider option somehow to select a color profile installed on the computer or use an embedded profile.



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Good point @JérômeLanon ;)

In Vuo, the method is always a linear formula ((1-C)*(1-K)). This is the same one used by, for example.
A different site,, which uses the ISO Coated v2 300% Color Profile, gives a result closer to what you're seeing in Photoshop.
If you're interested in Vuo supporting more than one color profile, you're welcome to create a feature request.

Thanks for the explanation Jaymie.

Yes, with my little understanding of the color world, it seems CMYK mainly exist because of the printing methods.
So by default I would have rather preferred a generic CMYK color profile rather then a (1-C)*(1-K) method.
Because even if it would not have covered all the subtle printing results, it would still have matched a printing result more then (1-C)*(1-K).

I see very small use of CMYK use for a RGB like gamut.
But perhaps I'm very wrong, and a wide range CMYK gamut is useful for Pantone conversions / matchings.

Perhaps a small addition to the node without a Feature Request could be an option for either (1-C)*(1-K) or Generic Printing CMYK, and a Feature Request for a larger profiles options.

Gonna create that Feature Request ;)

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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @marcin's Discussion, “Make Integer node?

Yeah I don't remember of a simple "Make Value" node ;) Which could be there IMHO.

What you can simply do is add a share value node (from the node library or by right clicking the canvas), right click on the port, click "set data type" and choose Integer or Real.

Share value and Make value would actually be the same node so perhaps the team left it out to enlighten the library ?