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Hey Alex, your idea is quite the same as Scrollable Port Popups could be merged, I like the idea to resize the info screens too beside scroll ;)

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Thanks @khenkel !

Seems to work great now ! Thanks !!

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Hi Marco,

Not sure what you mean with a patch directly to the app store but the team will correct me if I'm wrong but right now Vuo export macOS apps that are not code signed yet, so unless there is a workaround to code sign, not yet.
I don't know the rules of the Mac App Store so don't know if they would accept it even if code signed.

Or by patch you mean something else then a Mac App ?

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What you mean with interpolating ? Just move with a duration ?

If items from a list you could adapt this with get n for point A and n+1 for point B and more points if wanted ?