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Really learning something here ! Had the question in my mind for some time too regarding how to rotate an abject an have it face it correctly !

Thanks !

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Had a MPB 13" 2018 Intel 650 macOS 10.14.3 in the hands and ran some tests too.

• Basic load 3D models works. The Tile Starfield example composition for example is fine.

• Sample comps that produced glitches : Dent Room (displace 3D object with image node I guess), Pinch Rectangles, Pinch Sphere, Rewind Checkerboard Explosion.

• Comps that outputted black compositions screen : Divide 3D sphere, Facet Sphere

Quite astonished to read that the only fixes for openGL would be to run in on the CPU instead ! Really ? No other methods ? Amazing. I guess the team also has to keep in mind all the other maybe-related sub-bugs they fixed in the past like for the Add Noise to 3D objects etc. A bug fix for this should not break the already fixed bugs. However I remember some of the bugs were fixed to work on older GPU's like the Intel HD 3000? if a choice had to be made I guess recent GPU support would be better than older ones though ?

Anyway, one question, before moving Vuo completely to Molten / Vulkan / Metal which I assume will be some work, would it not be possible to test it out for small fixes like these first ? I mean to still have OpenGL but start using Vulkan in parallel only for some nodes like these ? Just a non-coder question.

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Without having to check it back in the node library every time you can also just click on the port to get the info :

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Very nice Martinus !