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Well, out of context right now I'm not sure but, for the example of Xavier's composition, if I had a list of shaders, and I would want a specific range of the shader list to be replaced, how would I do it without ranges ?

And he wanted the items to be replaced not always to be the same but to change.

If for example there was a Replaces Ranges In Lists with drawers, I could make a range from 2-5 for example and fill a 5 shaders list that would place itself at positions 2-5.

How would I be able to choose the position of the items to be replaced ?

Perhaps I overview the simpler method !?

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We're planning to do this as part of another feature request, Get Mesh / Object Vertices.

How could merging the 2 affect the performance versus 2 different nodes ?

I mean I usually use Karl's node to retrieve even moving meshes, like noise distorted. Having a shader retrieval port could lower the performance for detailed objects with many vertices would it not ?

Same for large amount of sub-child shaders ...

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Another piece — "select a bunch of pre-connected nodes, right-click them into a macro and all publishing and cable connections are done for you" — doesn't have a public feature request, but we're already working on it and are planning to release it in Vuo 1.3.

Wow that is amazing Jaymie !!

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Nice vid @sinemod

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Hey @Jaymie ;)

Take your very time, printing and CMYK is not the primary use for Vuo, talking for me only, I have no problem at all if it takes more then a year only to validate and open for voting this feature request ;)