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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @marcin's Discussion, “Make Integer node?

Yeah I don't remember of a simple "Make Value" node ;) Which could be there IMHO.

What you can simply do is add a share value node (from the node library or by right clicking the canvas), right click on the port, click "set data type" and choose Integer or Real.

Share value and Make value would actually be the same node so perhaps the team left it out to enlighten the library ?

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Related feature request: Select and OSC nodes with variable number of ports.

Ah ok never even understood that FR was about that because somehow I had misread it and thought it was OSC only related.
Perhaps it could be something like "Allow more inputs (user defined) for the 2 or 8 inputs nodes (Select Nodes, OSC ...)"

Don't know.

I always wondered why those had been limited to 2 or 8 instead from start and now requires a FR for that ;)

Perhaps somehow related to that is also your FR Add drawers to output ports. Guess if we want user defined output numbers for select nodes, drawers have to be enabled for outputs.