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    I may have a very dumb question here but how would you want to prepare the image differently then with the correct ratio ? If you input a false one it would not look on the right ?

    Either way you'd need to give it the correct ratio no ?

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    Perhaps it depends on how you build the composition.

    If you connect Fire on Start to Shade With Image that is connected to the Make Tube its material port, or if you connect Fire on Start to both the Make Tube and the Fetch Image image node.

    You mean because you see the tube first appear at some size before being resized or what ?

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    I'm not sure what you mean with "regular" beside black hole Jaymie but from the question Push rendering optimisation I still could think something like "allow data to passthrough without modifying it" could be cool.

    Perhaps the available options could be hardcoded in the nodes because for all nodes that have 1 single input / output that would still be cool. And as Jvolker stated "what state would those nodes be in when I restart the application" I assume compositions could save the state just like other ports, exported apps would need some kind of preferences plist or something ?

    Why would the 3 states not be possible generally, but some nodes only have 1 or 2 of the 3 ?

    But if a node had a bypass like "continue to flow the data without modifying it", would the node still have to process or will it not process and therefore spare hardware usage ?

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    Oops I could perhaps have written this an answer rather then a comment, I always misclick between those :(