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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @pbourke's Discussion, β€œSharing exhibition experience”

Looks cool Paul !

Life would have been much simpler if there was a event output from the movie player node when a movie comes to the end. I think this has been suggested by others.

Yes and chosen to be implemented : Finished playback output port on "Play Video File"

Commented on this some years back. I do think Vuo is overloaded with redundant nodes ...

Agree sometimes I wonder why, but on the other hand I could guess smaller nodes that achieve less tasks run faster then bigger multi-tasking nodes.

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@Bodysoulspirit commented on @Luiz Andre's Composition, β€œLiquid Metal”

Hehe looks like a microscopic shot ;) πŸ‘

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Hey Alastair (@usefuldesign) ;) thanks for your input,

Agree with you, that's why I said :

Having the same in Vuo would be a non urgent but cool thing.

This is an idea for a far update or an idea for tiny improvements that in the end, beside big features, make apps more intuitive.