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    2 years ago
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    text field fixed width - or max character count...?

    Hi all,

    For a kiosk app, I'm using a bunch of text fields to gather user info and comments - to later display them together with related images and videos...

    I'm running into a problem that I can not set a maximum number of characters for the text fields, nor a maximum fixed width to display the text field (because it grows wider when more text is added than fits in the field).

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    thanks Jean Marie!! - will be applying this method, with a hundred or so buttons - :crossed_fingers:

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    carlitos posted a new Discussion, “a grid of buttons

    a grid of buttons

    Hi all - making a kiosk app, and using the example comp. "DisplayGridOfImages"

    I was looking for a way to do the same ^ but then for a grid of action buttons... but layer.arrange.grid does not seem content on spitting out a grid of buttons (as it does images)

    Any suggestions?

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