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    Magneson commented on keithlang's Discussion, “How to turn off clipping?

    Have you tried the Change 3D Object Blending node (or something similar)?

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    Magneson commented on bLackburst's Feature Request, “Send and receive data via TCP and UDP

    This is a pro feature 😉 To be frank, when you are in the position of needing this, you are also in a place where you have multiple computers/macs. If you then can't afford the very cheap for its abilities* licensing that Vuo Pro provides - I don't understand in what context you are using it or how you would use it without other far larger investments in other things. I've had Pro (or what became pro?) since I had a very low-wage part time job, and it was still affordable at that time.

    *I just looked up a NDI to SDI bridge server where the SW costs $1800 for 8 channels of I/O. HW comes in extra. A composition to do the same thing takes about an hour to make if you need a GUI. 5 minutes if not.

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    Magneson commented on video piglet's Composition, “FreakSpex

    In my ListTools node set there is a Scale Point List node that can be used along with a Make Points Along Line to scale the outputs of the bins in a bit more custom fashion. If you set the range of the MPAL to for instance from 0.5 to 10 and use a quadratic out curve (I think), it should halve the output from the lowest bins, and multiply the output for the highest bins by 10. You might also be able to do this with the Scale List node when I think about it.

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    Thanks! Previously when i ran above 8 I/O split into separate apps it crashed. I assumed it was related to the same issue but trying again now it seems to work.