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    Hi vjdobermann

    You can use the "Copy 3D object" node like this:

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    Magneson commented on Magneson's Discussion, “cmakelists for Visual Studio Code

    Thanks a bunch for this Jaymie! It is now really easy to get going with coding nodes without much overhead and fuzz! The auto-consolidation of the nodeset is also really neat. One thing I wonder though, is can this also package the examples/descriptions in one fellow sweep?

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    I haven't checked on a M1 myself, but this should now work in theory. Please test and give feedback if it doesn't.

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    Visual Studio Code (VSC) - node programming starter (WIP)

    This is not a nodeset, this is just a tribute. Programming in Xcode or QT is a pain in the behind. You need to register an account. You need to be sure you're not a commercial entity. You'll have to download approximately 94 terabytes of stuff for iPhones, watches, pods and whatnot. When that is done after a month or so, downloading on spotty and shady airport wifi, you have to install 5-6 different CMake versions.