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    cmakelists for Visual Studio Code


    As I've decided to skip QT and instead use VSC for making (and updating) nodes, I've struck a bit of a barrier when setting up the cmakelists.txt. In QT this is pretty straightforward, as it masks a lot of the stuff that's going on and you just list the sources in the .pro file for instance like this:

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    I haven't recompiled any of the sets yet with the current framework. I've now gotten back my mac so hope I'll be able to track through it someday soon.

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    Is noise functions random per editor/app startup?

    My mac had an unfortunate meeting with a switch in my luggage in the overhead compartment of a plane, so I can't check this myself at the moment. I suddenly got to wonder if Vuo has the easiest noise looping workflow available, by animating a circle at the input of the Make Gradient Noise node. What would be neat if that is the case, would be to have a seed input for this node, so that it's not only easy - but repeatable.

    Should I feature request this, or does noise generation work in a totally different way?

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    Magneson commented on Dust's Discussion, “iterating color with layer copies

    Iteration in Vuo works a bitt differently in Vuo than in QC. The easiest way to create a list with multiple different values is to use the Build List node:

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    Don't feel dumb! Learning new skills are rarely not frustrating!

    You only need the event signal on the first nodes (the convert ones). The nodes attached downstream from those will get the event signal through the previous nodes.