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    Not quite. As long as an input port doesn't receive a signal (like for instance as a plugin in Resolume), it doesn't generate an event. If you move the event cables over to the convert nodes it should work. Event cables should be added to the first node after an input port. You don't need the rest of them as the events then flow through the rest of the nodes.

    I assume the convert nodes popped up automatically, and inserted the event cables after, which I understand would be confusing. That would perhaps be something for Team Vuo to look into (Jean Marie)? It's a feature, not a bug though.

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    It seems like you only have a fire on start node. This only triggers one event when the composition starts. You'll need a fire periodically or fire on display refresh node connected on one of the ports receiving values to calculate it. Since events always flow from start to end, you'd only need one connected (shift-drag for time output ports) to a port of the calculate node in your first example.

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    You can also get a very bare-bones approach here right now:

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    Even easier way to start developing nodes with VSCode


    Noticed that the example files for making nodes now have changed since I got started with it. Without the reliance on .pro files for QT-creator, it is now even easier to get started - and you don't have to deal with the whole QT-creator licensing thing.

    Install CMake, Download Visual studio code (MS but open... or something like that), install CMake for VSCode and CMakeTools inside VSCode*, open the example folder and you should be set! :)

    *you might have to enter the path to CMake in the VSCode config

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    Magneson commented on Bodysoulspirit's Feature Request, “Fire / Time at chosen FPS

    The approach hinges on user philosophy though. I'm all for less specific-task nodes, and building subcompositions. Not everyone agrees with that though.