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    Nice contributions Magneson. A virtual Cymascope is definitely on our to-do list! What are you referring to by a using a shader?

    Have been making good progress with manipulating nodes of a 3D sphere via scaling (as you empathized) and will share results soon, however modeling sound wave phenomena would definitely be the holy grail for digital cymatics!

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    Ah I see. I was able to generate a list of 2D or 3D points from the list of different amplitudes across frequencies but I'm struggling to assign coordinates to each point based on the amplitude or frequency of each point so that they are spaced out in the XYZ axis. The show frequencies example is informative but the placement in the X axis is just a linear curve and not based on a dynamic variable from the sound itself. Is that any clearer?

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    cymaspace posted a new Discussion, “Freelancers for paid Vuo gigs

    Freelancers for paid Vuo gigs

    Just wanted to put this out there since I was not seeing a resource for this.

    Who in the community is willing to take on some paid freelance work in Vuo for others here?

    Since the forums doesn't have direct messaging yet perhaps a structured way to do it is to post in this thread with your portfolio links, twitter handles/contact method, a sample Vuo sketch or Vimeo video of your work and preferred payment terms/method.

    Thanks for your good work all.

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    Sorry I'm not being clear.

    The goal is to create a list of 3D points from a list of amplitudes across all the audio frequencies and "map" these 3D points spatially (distributed around a sphere for example). Each 3D point placement and possibly individual shader values would be affected by its own amplitude data.