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well, hmm.

I want to expose selecting a video input selection in the UI, like choosing btwn built in FaceTime camera, or a usb capture device. ..

at the moment/in the mean time, I've been trying to get the VuoPluginApp (modified with a receive video node) to refresh/display live video but I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to auto refresh, right now it only updates the camera feed when I click one of the UI elements.

Also when running the vanilla example, the generic app icon appears in the dock but it disappears from the dock once fully loaded and the main menu never appears. It almost runs like a background process.

So I thought I'd try working with the full framework but could never get anything to compile. So thought a working example would help me figure out what I was doing wrong.

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Xcode example for non-VuoPluginApp

Hey all.

I've tried off and on for a while trying to get Xcode to compile using the framework without success. Is there anyone that has a simple (or other) Xcode project they could share to help me understand how to set it up and what I'm doing wrong? I've compiled a few iPhone and Mac apps thru Xcode in the past so I'm not a complete novice at it. Just looking for some direction.

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seanradio posted a new Feature Request, “Receive RTMP video stream node

Receive RTMP video stream node

for example, from IP cameras on a local network like security cameras. Maybe it wouldn't be too much work to create this node because there is already a send RTMP node....could be useful.


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Yes Please! native NDI would be soooo useful!!