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2 years ago
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A question to Vuo team. Why does this comp show the hiccup as well? My guess is that it shouldn't, as "allow first event" clearly stops all incoming event after the first, so "make image layer" evaluation shouldn't be delayed.

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Another possible solution, with a "Spin off event" technique:

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I got the same hiccup; gone away introducing a different source for events that load images. Try this:

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in Vuo 1.2.8, when an event triggers an input port of a subcomposition, it flow through all the input ports. In Vuo 2.0, it flow only through that input port. If you run side by side your comp in 2.0 and 1.2.8 with "show event" activated, you'll have clear how this impacts on it. In 1.2.8, you can clearly see that all nodes are continuously triggered. In 2.0, you clearly see that only ones connected to "time" are triggered, and whole parts of the composition never run.

I tried connecting with an event cable "time" to other parts of the composition - quite randomy, without really dig into what it does as it's not that simple. This way i got the comp to behave more similar to the original one - animates, even if perhaps at a lower fps. I bet that reasoning better about what nodes of the comp should really run every time the comp is triggered, will drive you to the result.

regards michele

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mic commented on wmackwood's Discussion, “VUO and QLab4 . . .

Dear William , as a user of both softwares, I'd love the possibility to create Vuo plugins for QLab too. Unfortunately it's not just a matter of port names. QLab actually allows just QC plugins; not Vuo's. The possibility to have inputs and outputs names beginning with _ wouldn't be enough. QLab should develop the necessary support for Vuo plugins, that in term of coding is something really different from actual QC support. I posted a feature request years ago in QLab users group properly asking for that development, but at the moment there's no feedback on that.