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I put quotes as:

             "dependencies" : [ "AR" ],

following documentation that reads:

Notice that the static and dynamic library names leave off the "lib" prefix, and the file extension is optional; libassimp.a becomes assimp or assimp.a, and libicuuc.dylib becomes icuuc or icuuc.dylib. 

When i run vuo-link (with --library-search-path ~/SDKs/ARToolKit5-bin-5.3.2r1-OSX/lib option ) i get in console:

01/03/17 08:55:56,558 vuo-link[1107]:  getLinkerInputs()  Warning: Could not locate dependency 'AR'.

If instead i put

             "dependencies" : [ "AR.a" ],

this seems to solve the error.

Just to know if I'm doing something wrong, or if the documentation saying that file extension is optional is a mistake.

ciao michele

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@cremaschi posted a new Feature Request, “An advanced tutorial on plugin developing

An advanced tutorial on plugin developing


the existing tutorial about plugin development is surely wonderful to start with that task. Anyway, I met some difficulties when you need to deal with external libraries. Not only dynamic ones, that I read are more tricky, but also static one: watching an example on how to develop a simple node that have to deal with a preexisting static library would be a good example, in my opinion.

regards michele


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Also: in console i found this:

24/02/17 10:13:37,602 vuo-compile[1341]:  parseMetadata()  Error: Couldn't parse VuoModuleMetadata as JSON: { "title" : "detect markers", "description" : "Keeps track of how many times this node has been executed, and outputs that count.", "keywords" : [ ], "version" : "1.0.0", "dependencies" : [ AR ], "node": { "isInterface" : false } }

As you can see, I added "AR" dependence, but something is wrong.

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Hi Jaymie, actually I got the code compile with success. When I try to run a composition in the vuo editor that uses that node, I get this error:

Node outdated or broken — One or more nodes in this composition can't be used by this version of Vuo. Make sure you're using the latest version of all the extra Vuo nodes you've installed:

I think i missed the step you mentioned:

You'll also need to help vuo-link find the ARToolkit libraries when it links a composition. This means listing the libraries in the dependencies section of your module metadata and either placing them in the Modules folder or passing --library-search-path arguments. See for instructions.

I read the link provided but I can't sort it out. Please, what's the way to instruct linker with --library-search-path directive?



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Hey followers of this post, none of you wishing to contribute to program this?