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mic commented on NoodleDesign's Discussion, “How to stop data feedback loop....

Hi NoodleDesign,

I'd try to stop the feedback in the Vuo composition. I'd go storing the output value that comes from any controller in Vuo in a queue of 2 elements, so that it contains the last value received on the top and the previous in the second queue element. Then you could compare the two: if they are different you can forward the last value via OSC. If they are the same, you could do nothing, interrupting this way the feedback. Surely some useless feedback occurs - but as soon as a value reached for the second time the same controller this check would stop it.

Regards michele

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mic commented on serge_gam's Discussion, “Vuo 2 beta / run Python script

You could using "append text" to build the script. See the example attached, that changes the IP value each time the phue_on is called.