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Trying to get Bodysoulspirit's last comp "parametricPolygons_Stroke_Fill 1.2" to load in Vuo 2.0.3, I'm getting this error, can't see the problem, help? Trying to replace Steve's Reinterpret 3D Object with Bodysoulspirit's new version. (Btw, thanks, BSS, for your generous efforts with your new node sets!)

Unsupported composition layout — Couldn't convert argument type `%"type 0x7f8b599e5000"**` to parameter type `%"type 0x7f8b59b547b0"*` for function:  

    void (%"type 0x7f8b59b547b0"*, i64, double, %"type 0x7f8b59b547b0"*)

Also, is there a way for me to look up the error on my system? (Mojave 10.14.6).

Edit: nevermind, got it. Simply had to delete Steve's node from the comp, that was the problem. The BSS Reinterpret 3D Object works!

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Refreshing this "cable behavior" branch, with a couple more (or are any of these already possible?)

Be nice to:

  1. yes to option-shift-drag to keep all input connections.
  2. instead of 1) click to select cable, 2) delete, then 3) connect to some other port, nice to be able to use one mouse down drag to grab connected cable(s) at port, disconnect and attach to a new port.
  3. drag a box around multiple cables and hit delete to disconnect (with undo/redo).
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Ah, yes, that'll do just fine. Thanks a lot! I always try to do everything inside Build List, gotta remember there are other ways.

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