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jersmi commented on keithlang's Feature Request, “Variables, ie. Broadcast and Receive nodes

If you are thinking of the QC "Spooky send" tools, that was a Kineme product and it was a great one.... Syphon operates as well on this "broadcast" concept. Name a channel on one side, receive it on the other side, awesome. pD has send and receive. Etc.

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jersmi posted a new Feature Request, “Knob for Faster Expressive Results

Knob for Faster Expressive Results

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This is about supporting creativity and expression. Vuo lacks tools for working quickly -- it can be difficult to set something up and see expressive results right now. In one sense this is a UX/UI issue -- modular software is particularly difficult when it can cover so many use cases -- how do you decide what to highlight?

Scenario: say I have a creative thread I wish to follow, a sketch, a seed. Like having a sketchbook close by, I want to be able to set up and explore possibilities ASAP.

To this end I wish I could load a simple 'knob' -- a Share Value in the form of a knob UI element, could just be a float value normalized to 0 to 1 range. Then I could quickly refine it with Calculate to set up an expressive range.

This idea applies to a majority of Vuo scenarios, here's a simple example: say I want to play with thin line widths on a 3D Object, say a Make Grid Lines Object -- I wish I could load a knob and quickly type an expression into Calculate, knob * knob * .01, connect and go. Two things get in the way -- event flow and parameter ranges on modules. The more parameters a module has, the more difficult it is to use as an expressive object. A tool like this would help.

Features (in order of importance):

  • Don't need to consider event flow because it will just work.
  • The knob could simultaneously be published (for creating comps to load in other software, VDMX, CoGe, Resolume) and still be used in a running Vuo comp.
  • The knob could be assigned to an external source via either OSC or MIDI.

Some think all parameters in modular software should be normalized. In lieu of this, it would be great to have some solution that considers these basics. Pretty sure these concepts have been hashed out a kajillion times by now from various directions....


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jersmi posted a new Feature Request, “Spline Mapper for Animation

Spline Mapper for Animation

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This has to be a FR somewhere, part of many discussions, but I couldn't find the focused idea, so here. I did see the keyframe FR, but this one is more basic, also purposely less complex than the QC timeline with multiple timelines and all that. Most basic graph module that allows a user to add points to it, normalized/mapped to [0,1] along x and y axes. Personally, I'd be fine with linear interpolation and no spline handles. And leave the graph exposed in the editor. The only "extra power" feature that might be cool to consider is ability to group multiple into a subcomp/single GUI. Or not -- something, anything!

Side note: I live in the SF Bay Area. I know a coder who worked at Pixar, talking about a huge breakthrough for animation at the time -- it was this idea -- a simple spline graph animators could use to quickly animate/articulate characters.

Screenshots, Mockups, and Videos: 


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jersmi voted on jersmi's Feature Request, “Delay node
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jersmi commented on jersmi's Feature Request, “Delay node

Or make a feature request for audio delay :)

Audio was top of the list for this FR, probably should have been more specific!