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@jersmi commented on @Bodysoulspirit's Composition, “Calligraphy EQ

Hey @Bodysoulspirit, nice comp, I like the seamless triangle strip mesh better than Steve (@smokris)' lines. Regarding the metallic shader, I copied Steve (@smokris)' macro shader to your comp, but I can't see how to rotate the shader image on the line strip to get it look like Steve (@smokris)'. Or at least I think that's a path to a solution, is it possible? Any progress on your side?

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I think this has been discussed previously

And you commented on it, too. :-)

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Awesome. Wondering if this will include anything like Kineme Spooky Send/Receive, or some elegant way to port data out of sub-(sub-sub-sub) comps to the root level and beyond.

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@jersmi commented on @jersmi's Discussion, “Layer Masking

Thanks a lot, Jaymie!