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Refreshing this "cable behavior" branch, with a couple more (or are any of these already possible?)

Be nice to:

  1. yes to option-shift-drag to keep all input connections.
  2. instead of 1) click to select cable, 2) delete, then 3) connect to some other port, nice to be able to use one mouse down drag to grab connected cable(s) at port, disconnect and attach to a new port.
  3. drag a box around multiple cables and hit delete to disconnect (with undo/redo).
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Ah, yes, that'll do just fine. Thanks a lot! I always try to do everything inside Build List, gotta remember there are other ways.

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jersmi posted a new Discussion, “Morph Transform in a Build List?
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Reworked this "test version" seeking to optimize and explore Vuo 2.0 features. Simply connecting the Image Generator "time" output to Build List started up the comp/animation, that was easy. Still wrapping my head around 2.0 event flow.

Regarding substantial performance issues, Build List (obviously) performs poorly constantly pumping out torus objects. (Why use a 3D torus to make a 2D polygon? Best way I found in Vuo to have nice corners on polygons, that's it).

This reworked version drastically improves performance (no surprise) by converting the torus/polygon into an image shader for Make Points Object, then only using Build List to generate the list of positions for Make Points Object. Still working out how to have a couple features I enjoyed from the original (manipulating size of points, etc.)

Any other tips/new Vuo 2.0 methods to optimize this comp? Is there a way to dump or optimize Build List (the bottleneck, currently set to Drop Events)? Is there another way to generate/animate in real time a point list (i.e., list of positions)?