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Awesome. Thanks, guys.

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Ok, made some progress with help from Joe and the quaternions, but now I'm stumped. Currently the attached layout is hooked up to see Line Mesh. Looks promising, now I want a triangle mesh. Readouts from the positions and elements outputs on Get Mesh Values make it appear that Get Mesh with Values cannot unpack the elements created with Enqueue and Combine 3D Objects. Steve Reinterpret 3D Object also appears to not work, maybe for the same reasons? Help?

Then jumping ahead of myself, this Open Frameworks page is pretty cool. I'd like to approach some of these -- to start with, the image from the Polyline Brushes: Points, Normals and Tangents section showing getNormalAtIndex (the image below). Any help is hugely appreciated. Would it be a feature request to have a Make Normals (or whatever) node?


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Bodysoulspirit, this is awesome! Thank you.

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Ah, the looping doesn't work -- that could very well be my issue! Thank you, Jaymie, for the comps.

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