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I too would like to see a text/number input UI node. This would be very helpful for the 'lighting visualizers' I create in VUO. These would not need to be complex, just a graphic box that accepts either text or numbers when highlighted, and fires when 'enter' is hit.

Not a super high priority, but very helpful for interactive compositions.


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wmackwood posted a new Discussion, “VUO and QLab4 . . .

VUO and QLab4 . . .

Hello VUO team,

Thank you for all your great work on Version 2. I'm enjoying all the improvements.

One of the most popular programs for delivering sound/projections/lighting for live performance is QLab4. QLab has always offered the option of using a custom patch from Quartz Composer to manipulate images. However, the requirement are as follows:

(Your custom composition must publish an input named "_protocolInput_Image" and an output named "_protocolOutput_Image".)

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I couldn't agree more. For my students working in the blend of technology, live performance and real-time interactivity, the particle emitter nodes from VJSatoshi have been magical. Now, it would appear that particular strategy is no longer available in 2.0. If there is any way to updateVJSatoshi's, or build a new particle emitter node, I too would be most appreciative.

I do want to add, however, the improvements in 2.0 are fantastic!


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I have attached a file with the basic idea. The input (a kinect camera), and the output (two moving mirror lights) or not hung on the same angle . . . so I need to be able to rotate the object, and then use the VUO coordinates from that rotated object to 'map' the output to the lights.


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wmackwood posted a new Discussion, “Get mesh values . . .

Get mesh values . . .

Hello VUO,

I've been having a great time with VUO 2.0 Beta. Especially the new UI nodes.

I am, however, missing some of the contributors nodes that are having problems in the new version. Right now I am trying to build a follow spot system using iCue mirrors in our theatre.

co.parabox has a node called 'Get Mesh Values' but it will not run in VUO 2.0 (the composition loader crashes immediately when I hook a mesh to it). Is there any equivalent node existing in VUO 2.0? I really need to get the data from a mesh.