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    Thank you. That was definitely the issue. Once I moved the 'User Library Folder' all is working as it should. I spent some time moving nodes back into the library one at a time, and did experience the crash problem again, but it isn't clear if its community nodes or my version 1.2 sub-compositions that are causing the crash. I will do some more exploring before I upload the whole folder.

    But again, thank you for getting me up and running.


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    V2.0 crashing on start up . . .

    Hello VUO team,

    First thank you for 2.0. I have been looking forward to this release, and I'm excited to introduce it to my students in January.

    A problem though . . . I have downloaded the beta version of 2.0, and finding that it crashes about 2 seconds into the opening sequence. The splash screen comes up, and then nothing. Occasionally I have been able to get it running from a restart of my laptop, but once it crashes on opening, it will not run again.

    Some info:

    • I have the 'professional' version of Vuo 2.0

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    I too hope that Vuo will continue to grow. The program has been extremely useful in my research creation projects, and in my interactive stage classroom. I have just now purchased the Pro license as a vote of support for the team. Looking forward to the next release!