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FxPlugs exported from Vuo do appear directly in Final Cut Pro. Part of the export process involves creating a Motion template automatically.

Right - so what I wrote stands. FxPlugs don't appear "directly" in Final Cut Pro - in Final Cut Pro you are never looking at the UI of the FxPlug but rather the UI of a template created in Motion (whether created automatically or otherwise). I'm not trying to complain about this, but rather just to say that for what I do the creation of the Motion template is an important opportunity to add a lot of value in the design process of creating the effect for FCP - and I would want to do that for anything I planned to pass to anyone to look at as a demo of what's possible etc.

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I'm very interested in this feature (specifically being able to export a Vuo comp to FxPlug) and I look forward to giving it a try. And hearing that this feature is coming to Vuo within the foreseeable future I've now started to build some Vuo comps specifically for this purpose.

As many of you probably know, FxPlugs do not appear directly in Final Cut Pro, but rather they appear in Apple Motion and it is possible to create an Apple Motion "template" project which can use the FxPlug(s) and which can appear in Final Cut Pro as an "effect", "transition", "title", or "generator".

I've been doing this now for a few years and my process involves adding quite a bit of functionality at the Apple Motion template level (making a lot of use of Motion "behaviors" and "rigs" and the possibilities of image compositing within Motion), and also involves a lot of tweaking and re-tweaking of any FxPlugs I'm building (and rebuilding) for use in Motion while creating the template. And then of course the process also involves a lot of checking (and re-checking) the template I've created in Final Cut Pro and going back and making adjustments based on what I see there.

Considering this, I've decided to hold off on having the folks at Vuo convert any of my Vuo comps to FxPlug for me, but rather I'll wait till I'm able to do the FxPlug export myself using some kind of Vuo (alpha or beta?) build in which the export to FxPlug feature is available - because trying to do the kind of things I want to do any other way would be inefficient and potentially frustrating. There are too many questions I have about the feature's capabilities and limitations, most of which I could probably answer myself by using the software for half a day and doing a bunch of quick exports and re-exports to FxPlug etc. Having been involved in this process for a few years now (while using a different platform that allows for Quartz Composer based FxPlugs) I think I could probably offer some worthwhile feedback on the feature. Also, I'll be happy to share some Final Cut Pro software I create in Motion using Vuo based FxPlugs as soon as I'm able to get my hands directly on a build of Vuo which has the export to FxPlug feature. I’m looking forward to it.

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I took a look at the comp and it looks good. Your DOF seems less "fake" than a lot of the DOF you see being faked. At least it's real variable blur that's good quality and seems fast and responsive to work with.

I released a Tilt-Shift DOF simulation effect for Final Cut Pro a few months ago. Mine uses a combination of a Quartz Composer based FxPlug and Apple Motion. I was able to repurpose onscreen UI widgets from the stock effects that come with Motion to give it a decent UI.,

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can comps exported as FxPlugins from Vuo include embedded graphics for referencing within the comp/plugin (I know that an exported Mac app can) ?