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the FxPlug's UUID is generated based on the bundle identifier.

Ah, OK - yes, I expect that works fine for my purposes. So basically the ability to preserve the UUID or generate a new UUID are indeed already exposed in the UI that way (through the bundle identifier field) - and the default bundle identifier is based on the vuo comp name so if the vuo comp for the new updated version of my vuo comp is named a little differently (myEffect_v101 rather than myEffect_v100) I just need to explicitly change the bundle identifier (to something like "com.kingluma.myEffect_v100" or whatever the original identifier was) when exporting in order to have it replace the previous version and maintain project compatibility... Thanks

How about parameter ID numbers ? I seem to remember when reading the XML for a Motion template that it refers to the individual parameters by an ID number rather than the text based name... do those numbers get generated based on the port name in the vuo comp ? (or should that be exposed in the port details UI...)

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FxPlugs and Final Cut Pro playback quality

Final Cut Pro allows for setting the playback quality to "Better Quality" or "Better Performance" (accessed in the "View" menu in the viewer). When using Better Performance FCP uses reduced resolution video during playback - which means that if the FxPlug effect doesn't somehow account for that it can be an inaccurate and misleading preview during playback of unrendered effects (and playback of the effect can appear inconsistent with viewing the effect while paused on a single frame).

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use an enqueue node set to two items, get them, and compare them

yeah, I had been kind of imagining something like that... maybe something like that would allow me to additionally determine how fast the number was rising (or falling) when it crossed the threshold and it might be fun to be able to make use of that info ?

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Thanks for the response. I was making it more complicated than it really is. Your comp offers a simple and effective way to do it. Thanks again, I appreciate it.