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fxfactory wrote

If you have been with us for a while, you probably know that we have shipped (and continue to ship) all manner of third-party software, some based on "fourth-party" components used under license.

So will FxFactory be selling vuo based FxPlug products then ? : ) I personally have no immediate plans to publicly release more products for Final Cut Pro but I'll never say "never" (I have lots of unreleased Final Cut template work besides the Kineme related project and I get emails regularly about this free template I once posted on the creative cow forum ; ) - and so I've always thought a product along those lines might get some use.

Lately I've been making effects that run on smartphones in Instagram and SnapChat for clients to promote things that way... They call it "augmented reality" but we old timers used to just call it visual fx ! Who is this Dirk person ? : )

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I'll definitely ask about Vuo support when FxPlug4 becomes an option, because I have some ideas

cool - let us know how that goes - from what I've seen FxCore isn't really a direct QC replacement (as far as how it's used by someone like me in the context of FxFactory) - nor was it meant to be AFAIK - so I'd be happy if they were willing to publish products including Vuo based FxPlugs - I mean, I fully expect it would work just fine from a technical standpoint - but then again so did my Kineme/QC project so... : )

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Congratulations on launching the product - it looks useful. I get the FxFactory marketing emails so I had actually seen the video already.

Years ago I did a lot of work on something I intended to release for Final Cut Pro through FxFactory. This product I had created relied on a free Kineme QC patch that was under an MIT license which explicitly allowed for it to be used that way (redistributed as part of a paid product and even modified etc.) but Gabe shut it down. I think he didn't want to have an FxFactory product that made use of any code that wasn't his (or Apple's) because he thought it would be difficult to maintain in the future etc. - of course any FxFactory effects that make use of Quartz Composer at all are becoming difficult to maintain at this point... Anyway, I could be wrong but I expect that he might have the same attitude toward something that relied on Vuo.

I like and respect the FxFactory guys (I worked with Gabe at another company before he started FxFactory and I live an easy subway ride away from their office so I've visited them from time to time) but I'll never forget the feeling of having a project that I had put in a lot of time working on be vetoed that way : ) That project also depended on FxFactory code (to make use of QC comps) so I wasn't able to go forward with it - although now I could do it replacing the QC comps with Vuo comps etc.

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I have several effects that have sold a reasonable number of licenses (through FxFactory which acts as a kind of publisher)... this kind of thing ;

Those effects were built with Apple Motion and in some cases Quartz Composer based fxplugs used within Motion. (the onscreen UI shown in the videos is achieved by using the "rigging" and "linking" features in Apple Motion - and it would be possible to do the same for features built using vuo generated fxplugs). I've built some things using vuo but nothing I've offered for sale as of yet. I hope and expect that I will be making use of vuo in commercial products in the foreseeable future though - and in that case FxFactory will not publish them and I'll need to do more of the leg work of selling them myself (either way I have to make the promo videos myself : ) but FxFactory has a significant following and handles the purchase and delivery process etc. so it will require a lot more from me to sell outside of FxFactory)

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FxPlug support for Final Cut and Motion on ARM based Macs

FYI, I have it from a reliable source that

"The only way to ship native plugins for ARM-based Macs is for developers to use the new FxPlug 4 SDK."

I currently don't have an ARM based Mac to try but I figured I'd start a thread here on the forum to ask whether or not FxPlugs generated by Vuo meet this criteria (and if not if it is at least in the queue of tasks to be done...) Thanks for any info on it.