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Jaymie (Jaymie (@jstrecker)) Very helpful explanation, thanks a lot for this, I feel like I've got some new toys to play with ;)

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How could we go about making this?

For those of you who don't know Zach Lieberman, he's a G, you should check out his instagram, you may like it ;) Recently anyway he's been playing with something that I think's really interesting and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about achieving an effect like this:

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This is so interesting, 2 quite different ways with the same results. This is exactly what I was after by the way. Sorry it's taken me a while I wanted to have a proper look at these first.

Looking at both the comps I see the they're mainly controlled through a few variables and expressions, something I haven't played with much yet but would love to learn.

If you wouldn't mind I'm struggling to understand exactly whats going on here. The blue. I see you're making a list of xyz coordinates that's controlling the objects translations. You've got values going into the X (moving it across screen) and values in the Y.

It's the expressions that I'm struggling with. GOING INTO THE X - I see you've made a variable for the speed which really controls time. Then you've got the expression time*(index-1). The index is the build item, but why -1?

GOING INTO THE Y - You've made a random value list which is where it sits vertically on screen, then I get a bit lost, X+perlin2d(timespeed,Xscale)*amount. Would you mind explaining it a little further, once I get the principle I should be able to run on my own ;)

I'm starting to understand the power of lists now, definitely looking forward to those 2 feature requests though. Thanks to everyone on this forum by the way, you're all awesome! M.

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duplicating processes - iterations

Hey guys,

I've created something which I want to duplicate around 50 times and was wondering whats the best way of doing it? I made a composition of a circle which floats across the screen going up and down as it moves along. I then added a number of random properties to it which affect things like the speed, the position, how fast and how much it moves up and down etc.

The idea here was so I could just duplicate this set of nodes over and over to get the effect I want. It works and I can do this, but as you can imagine the project gets very heavy and big