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    Hey Jaymie, Adding the hold value after the time node makes sense to me now, thanks for that. When I render though my texture are still constantly changing.

    Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way I'm not sure? I'd love the textures to be randomly assigned to each tube/circle and then hold (no change/flickering). I'm assuming it's because I've got an event coming from the time node into the build list. If I remove this, then the textures don't flicker but I lose the rotations which create these patterns. If you could suggest a way to get around this I'd love to know. Thanks for your help.

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    @marioepsley posted a new Question, “Building and processing lists?

    Hey all, I've got another question for the community, let see if anyone can help me solve this one!

    I've created a comp which arranges squashed tubes (circles) into a grid and rotates them individually to create these lovely patterns.

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    Thanks for this, haven't managed to check it out yet as I'm still in the process of hacking the xbox windows cable ;(

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    This looks great!

    Any chance you could share these 2 nodes as I can only see them on git hub and don't know how to compile them.

    Node not installed — Make Mesh with Values (co.parabox.mesh.make) Node not installed — Get Mesh Values (co.parabox.mesh.get)

    Thanks a lot!

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    Still really struggling with this. I just can't get it to work perfectly, I can get all the keyframe data and appear to be reading it in vuo. The ball just keeps bouncing around and I don't know why. Argggghhh