Limitless possibilities.

Tired of just triggering video clips? With Vuo you can make unique visuals, live.

  • Totally flexible. Build your dream machine.
  • Make changes and instantly see the results.
  • No coding required.
  • For macOS.

Think outside the box.

Connect all your devices, and use them to control your visuals in ways other VJs haven’t even dreamt of.

Vuo has built-in support for:

  • Leap Motion
  • Arduino and other serial devices
  • Xbox Kinect
  • MIDI
  • OSC
  • Live audio and video input
  • Art-Net (Vuo Pro license)

…with more planned.


Use Vuo with Arduino, iPad, MIDI controllers, and Leap Motion

Use Vuo with your favorite mixing and mapping apps.

You can use Vuo by itself, or make content for the VJ apps you already know and love.

Open your Vuo compositions natively in VDMX or CoGe, and mix them together with video clips. You can even use their interface to change parameters in your compositions on the fly, to get much more variety and depth in your visuals.


Vuo ♥︎ CoGe

Vuo supports Syphon, so you can send output in realtime to lots of other VJ apps, like:

  • Resolume Avenue & Arena
  • ArKaos GrandVJ
  • Modul8
  • MadMapper
  • Millumin
  • Bazik

Or you can render your compositions to high-quality movies, and mix them in any other VJ app.


Vuo ♥︎ VDMX

Here's what VJs are doing with Vuo.

Imagine scratching the air like a turntable to make a particle system groove.

Anthony Gene Guterac made it happen with his Vuo composition, controlled by Leap Motion and live audio input, for his VJ set at Sónar 2015 in Barcelona.


Anthony Gene Guterac uses Vuo + Leap Motion + Lemur

When performing live at clubs throughout Japan, Satoshi Kanata likes to begin with a minimal set of materials, then transform them over the course of the show in a way that tells a story.

This style of performing has led Satoshi to seek out a creative platform that is, in his own words, “fast and light.”


Satoshi’s VJ mixer, made with Vuo

Make one-of-a-kind visuals

  • Apply a growing list of image and 3D filters to create awesome graphics in real-time.
  • Project on objects using perspective projection, affine warping, and edge blending.
  • Integrate your visuals with NI mate skeleton tracking.
  • Use many video formats, including GPU-accelerated Hap and HEVC/H.265.
  • Integrate realtime data feeds — RSS, XML, JSON, CSV, TSV, and plaintext
  • Load and manipulate 3D meshes — Autodesk FBX, 3DS, DXF; Collada DAE; LightWave; Wavefront OBJ; Blender; and many more

Want more detailed information? Find all the things Vuo can do.

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