As a member of the Vuo community, you can tell the Vuo developers which features you want most through community feature requests.

  1. You request a feature that you’d like to see in Vuo.
    • Search existing feature requests to make sure yours is unique.
    • Describe what the feature would entail and why it would be helpful.
  2. You and other community members can vote for the feature.
    • Use the Vote button at the top of the feature request.
    • You can vote for as many feature requests as you want.
    • To prevent spammers and sockpuppets from voting, new members are not able to vote until they’ve participated in the community for a while.
  3. The Vuo team may choose to implement the feature.
    • With each major and minor release, we implement some of the community feature requests.
    • We choose the features to implement based on how many votes they have, how much time they’ll take to develop, and how much potential they have to expand the community.

You can browse the top-voted feature requests and features already released.

If you’re on a tight schedule or need a niche feature, consider hiring us to develop it.