Vuo 2.0 includes many new features and a new visual design. This beta is available to everyone who has a current Vuo license, and those who have an expired Vuo license. Community members with current Pro licenses will be able to access the Vuo Pro 2.0 beta. With the upcoming release of Vuo 2.0, the new Vuo Community Edition will be free for personal use and small organizations, and be fully open source. Vuo 2.0 supports macOS 10.10 and up.


How do I get it?

Log in to your account on and go to the Vuo 2.0 beta download page.

What’s new in Vuo 2.0?

Highlights include:

  • Added support for exporting more formats:
    • FxPlugs for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion (Vuo Pro)
    • macOS FFGL (FreeFrame 1.6+) plugins (Vuo Pro)
    • macOS Screen Savers (Vuo Pro)
    • HEVC/h.265 video
  • Many new and improved Vuo editor features, such as:
    • Comments
    • Loading basic ISF shader files, and editing GLSL and ISF shader code
    • Easier-to-use subcompositions — load from local folders, live-edit, more-intuitive event handling, package nodes as a subcomposition while preserving cable connections
    • Thumbnail images in Image port popovers
    • Easier-to-use generic types
    • Work-in-progress español and Deutsch translations for the Vuo editor interface
    • Pinch-zoom and smooth scrolling
  • Many new nodes, such as:
    • Find Faces in Image (Vuo Pro)
    • Make Image from Web Page (macOS 10.13 and up)
    • Speak
    • Themeable UI nodes
  • Many improved nodes, such as:
    • Make Text Layer — scaling, stretching, wrapping
    • Support for playing RTSP video
    • Improved rendering of semitransparent 3D objects
    • Improved performance when decoding Hap video
    • Simplified window nodes and time event flow

Read the complete release notes for all the changes, many suggested by the community.

How is this beta different from what the final release will be?

We’ll be fixing bugs, updating tutorials, and continuing to refine the manual for the final release.

How is this beta different from Vuo 1.x?

Vuo 2.0 has a Community Edition (CE) and a Pro version. Vuo CE has the new Vuo 2.0 features, and almost all of the functionality of the current $49 edition, with a few restrictions. Vuo CE has a dialog on startup asking you to help fund Vuo’s development, a splash screen in exported apps, and resolution restricted to 1280x1280 in exported movies. Vuo CE will be free for personal use and small organizations. It’s fully open source and comes with the Vuo SDK. The new pricing and open source will take effect with the final release. For more information on this and our Vuo 2.0 pricing and academic discounts, please see our previous newsletter.

What can I do to help?

  • Test the beta! If you find an issue, please make a bug report.
  • Make interesting things, and share them with your friends!
  • Contact us if you’d like to help refine the español and Deutsch translations, or start translating Vuo into another language.

Will my existing compositions work in the beta?

  • The long answer: We’ve written up the details at
  • The short answer:
    • If you composition uses 3rd-party nodes affected by 2.0 changes, it may not run correctly. The compositions may start working again when/if the node developer updates their nodes for Vuo 2.0.
    • Subcompositions work a bit differently, so if you have a subcomposition, you may need to modify it to work correctly in Vuo 2.0.
    • If your composition contains only built-in nodes, it will still run in Vuo 2.0, and should behave the same as in Vuo 1.x.

When will the final release come out?

Maybe a month or two, depending on how many bugs you report. Our priority is to make Vuo 2.0 compelling for everyone, including people who have never tried Vuo before. We want to update and enhance our tutorials and documentation and fix as many reported bugs as possible.

A big thank-you to the community!

As always, we appreciate the kind words you’ve said about Vuo. We marvel at the wonderful things you create with it. Vuo 2.0 would not be what it is without your many helpful suggestions, bug reports, and community compositions. It’s been a long, fruitful journey, and we are very glad to be able now to share our work with you.

Jean Marie
Team Vuo