We’ve just released Vuo 0.5.5! In this release we’ve made it easier to use Vuo by introducing generic types for nodes. Now you can drag a single node onto the canvas (such as the Select Input node) for all types of data. Connect the node to your composition by a cable, or right click to view your options, and the node becomes specific for that type of data. This change makes the node library is more compact, making it easier to find and use nodes. Vuo will automatically update your compositions to use the new generic nodes. (As with all of Vuo, this is a work in progress, so there are still a few nodes yet to be made generic.)

For those of you who use OSC, you can now integrate Vuo into your network, since Vuo is now able to receive OSC data! Watch our 0.5.5 promo video for one powerful way to control Vuo compositions with OSC. (The ability to send OSC is coming soon.)

For those who have wanted to add titles and captions to Vuo compositions, Vuo now has a Make Text Image node, which includes support for Unicode. And with the new Make Layer node, you can render pixel-perfect text onscreen.

And, new nodes: Make Text Image, Make Color Image, Switch, Cycle through List, Is within Rectangle/Circle/Box/Sphere, and many more!

Please read the release notes for the details and a list of all the new nodes. If you’ve purchased Vuo, you can download Vuo 0.5.5 (which includes the example compositions) by logging in to https://vuo.org/user, then clicking the Subscriber tab.

Thanks for your continued interest and support. We want Vuo to become a great tool for creating. We’ll have some surveys and polls coming soon where we will be asking for your input on how to make Vuo better. Everyone on our mailing list will have a chance to participate, so please tell you friends sign up for news at our website so they can participate too. Don’t forget we have a community discussion area on the website. You can also follow us on Twitter, join our Vuo group on Facebook, or like our Facebook page.

Jean Marie, Team Vuo