Vuo 1.1 is here!

Vuo 1.1 introduces some major new features, like high-quality offline movie exporting and realtime movie recording!

Screenshots of some of the new example compositions in Vuo 1.1.

Check out our little Vuo 1.1 video to learn more:
Vuo 1.1 video
Watch it on Vimeo or on YouTube.


With Vuo Pro, you can apply antialiasing (spatial supersampling) and motion blur (temporal supersampling) when exporting Image Generator compositions to movies.

We’ve added a new serial I/O node set that allows you to connect to serial devices, like Arduino. Using the new Save Image and Save to Movie nodes, you can easily share what you create, or use it in other applications.


Vuo 1.1 also comes with a bunch of new example compositions. “Make Rugged Terrain,” below, demonstrates the new Displace 3D Object with Image node, producing an effect in the style of the Rutt-Etra video synthesizer.


We completed several community feature requests! Thanks to the Vuo Community, Vuo now has the ability to make the editor transparent, snap to grid, more color options for nodes, the ability to manually fire an event to any input port, a menu item and keyboard shortcut to re-fire the most recent manually-fired trigger port, a node for screen capture, and more! We also significantly improved compilation speed.

That’s just a small sample of the new stuff in Vuo 1.1 — for the full details, check out the release notes!

Buy Vuo 1.1 for $49 USD, or Vuo Pro for $149 USD. Or if you already have Vuo or Vuo Pro, you can purchase this upgrade for just $24 USD.

(If you purchased a 1-year subscription within the last year (back when we offered those), or if you purchased our 2-for-1 deal back in late December, you can download Vuo 1.1 for free. Log in and go to your profile page to see when your free updates expire, then click the Download tab. Contact us if you have any questions.)

Device poll

The results are back from the latest community poll, Which devices and protocols would you like Vuo to support next? (log in to see the results). The top five are:

  1. Add extended support for USB (UVC) webcams
  2. Add support for capturing video from Blackmagic devices
  3. Add support for rendering to and receiving telemetry from Oculus Rift
  4. Add support for Apple multitouch trackpads
  5. Add support for the Myo gestural controller

Thanks to all who voted! We’re excited to develop what matters most to the Vuo Community. We will use the results as a guide for planning Vuo’s next phase of development. We hope to implement a couple new devices / protocols with each new release; keep an eye on the roadmap for updates.

A new tutorial

And @smokris recently posted a fun tutorial, Making Image Trails with Vuo:


You can download the composition and the standalone app from the Composition Gallery.

Many thanks for your continued support! We’re eager to get started on Vuo 1.2.

Team Vuo