Hi! I’m Jaymie, a developer with Team Vuo and a collaborator in the music/theatrical collective known as Project Ruori. Last week, Project Ruori put on a show at the electro-music festival and used Vuo to create visual effects. It was the first time, ever, that a Vuo composition was used in a live performance!

Project Ruori — in the form of Steve Mokris, the leader of Team Vuo — performed an original composition of minimalist electronic music and visuals. He used music software called Renoise to create the music, and hooked it up to a Vuo composition to create the visuals. The Vuo composition displayed a green grid, and it reacted to the MIDI notes of the drums by rippling or twirling the grid. The composition was a simple arrangement of a handful of nodes, and it ended up creating some amazing effects!

Project Ruori @ electro-music 2013 on Vimeo

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— Jaymie