Hello Everyone!

We’d like to announce a seasonal discount (20% off) and share news about a new Spotlight on a dome exhibition in Mandurah, Australia, created by Paul Bourke in collaboration with other artists, our new VDMX tutorial, and a new Vuo gallery for community-built nodes.

Seasonal Discount

Here in scenic Southeast Ohio the weather has turned sharply colder, the days are shorter, and Autumn’s glory has faded. It’s hard to miss that we’re in a transition to the holiday season of gifts and good wishes. In that spirit, we’re offering a seasonal discount to the Vuo community. From today, November 22nd, through November 28th you can purchase Vuo or Vuo Pro for 20% off, and you can combine this discount with our regular bulk and academic discounts. The discount also applies if you have an older version of Vuo and want our current version (1.2.6), or if you want to upgrade from Vuo to Vuo Pro. If you haven’t yet made the jump to Vuo Pro, this is a great time to enjoy Vuo’s Pro features:

Spotlight: Paul Bourke’s Dome exhibition in Mandurah, Australia

Our newest spotlight is about a fulldome installation called the Hydrodome that “focuses on our community’s connection to our waterways from Mandurah’s ancient Bindjareb heritage to 21st century recreation.” Paul Bourke, in a collaboration with other artists, created this community installation. Several Vuo nodes including Warp Image with Projection Mesh are built on Paul’s work.


VDMX Tutorial

Want to get started using Vuo with VDMX? Our new tutorial “Using Vuo Image Generator compositions in VDMX” shows how to integrate Vuo’s live effects, including generating 3D scenes, into VDMX.


Node Gallery

We’ve created a new node gallery to replace our old node list. Vuo community members can either provide a link to their nodes, or post the nodes they make on vuo.org. You can enter a link to any compositions in the composition gallery that use the node. We hope this encourages people to share the nodes they create, and makes finding community nodes easier. Let us know what you think about it.


Happy creating!

Jean Marie
Team Vuo