Well, it’s finally here! To download Vuo 0.5.0 + example compositions — log in to vuo.org/user, then go to vuo.org/subscriber.

We’ve tried to make Vuo intuitive. That said, even (especially?) if you have used another visual programming environment before, you might want to understand how Vuo handles events and data before you try composing. I’d highly recommend looking at the User Manual. We’ve been polishing it up to the deadline, so even if you managed to get a sneak peek at it prior to the release, it now is even better.

As we have mentioned, Vuo 0.5.0 is a beta release - ready for you to examine, but not error-free, although we’ve done our best. If you find a bug that isn’t reported yet at vuo.org/bugs, please report it. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, you can ask the community.

If you want to know what we specifically worked on this release, please check out our brand new release notes.

Thanks for believing in Vuo. The journey to Vuo 1.0 has begun; we hope you will enjoy the ride!

— Jean Marie
Team Vuo