Released on 2015.02.07

Vuo 1.1.0-alpha1 starts implementing some major new features, like movie exporting.


Here's what we've done in the last 4 weeks:


  • Fixed the missing image in "Show Hand Status".

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • vuo.image
    • Added Save Image.
  • vuo.shader
    • Added Shade Edges with Color.
    • Added Append to Movie and Make Movie Format.
  • Modified the Fetch Scene and Fetch List of Scenes nodes to automatically add estimated texture coordinates and tangents if importing a 3D model that lacks them, so that the resulting 3D object will look reasonable when passed through object filter nodes that require texture coordinates and tangents.
  • Fixed a crash when changing the server name on the Send Image via Syphon node. (Thanks to architek1 for reporting this bug!)
  • Fixed a bug where 3D objects loaded by Fetch Scene would disappear during livecoding.
  • Fixed overzealous mouse tracking by Check Mouse Status node, where it would track even when the window (if specified) and application were not active.

Vuo Editor

  • Added the ability to export movies with interactive recording ("Start Recording..." menu item in the Vuo Editor and the running composition / exported app) and offline rendering ("Export > Movie..." menu item in the Vuo Editor).
  • Added a menu item and keyboard shortcut to re-fire the most recently manually fired trigger port. (Thanks to Emer for suggesting this feature!)
  • Added menu items to change a composition's protocol between Image Filter, Image Generator, or none.
  • Added automatic detection of protocol changes, so that if adding a published port makes the composition conform to a protocol, the composition is displayed as having that protocol.
  • Improved the readability of error dialogs by moving the detailed text into a hidden-by-default portion of the dialog.
  • Fixed a "file not found" web page error when trying to activate the Vuo Editor with Firefox as the default browser.
  • Fixed the delayed response when trying to display port popovers and edit port values while the composition is rebuilding during livecoding.


  • Clarified and expanded the documentation for several nodes and node sets.

Vuo Compiler

  • Made compositions build faster, so that it takes less time to start a composition running.
  • Added error handling when trying to open an unparsable composition.
  • Fixed crashes when trying to run large compositions (hundreds of nodes). (Thanks to jens for reporting this bug!)


  • Composition runner API
    • Added the option to create a composition runner directly from a string, without having to read it from file.
    • Fixed a race condition in which a call to fire an event through a published input port followed by a call to set a published input port value would sometimes be handled in the reverse order.
  • Node and type API
    • Added a VuoIsDebugEnabled() function and corresponding Vuo Editor preference to support "debug mode" code within nodes.
    • Added support for the isDeprecated key within node metadata to prevent a node class from appearing in the Node Library.
  • Command-line tools
    • In vuo-export, added an option to export a movie. Exporting an application (the other option) now requires an extra argument.
    • In vuo-compile, added an option to read the input composition from standard input.
    • Added output of the help text when no input file is provided.

Known issues in the alpha release

  • Movie export is still a work in progress...
    • The "Vuo Free Trial" watermark is always shown.
    • If the composition window is resized while recording a movie, recording stops.
    • No progress bar is shown while the movie is exporting.
    • Antialiasing and motion blur are not yet implemented.
    • Movie export fails for unusually small or large frame rates and image sizes.
    • On some GPUs, only the lower left quarter of a composition window appears in the movie.
  • The Append to Movie node is a work in progress...
    • The "Vuo Free Trial" watermark is always shown.
    • It doesn't yet work for the ProRes encodings.
    • It doesn't append images that have a different size than the first image received.
    • It sometimes doesn't create the movie file for movies without audio.
    • The audio track sometimes ends up shorter than the video track.
  • The user manual is in the process of being reorganized, so some text doesn't flow and some links are broken.


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