We made a few improvements since Vuo 1.2.0-alpha1 last week.

  • Fixed crash when launching Vuo Editor on a system without Xcode Command Line Utilities installed (Thanks to @zwei-p, @dumski, and @cwilms-loyalist for your help troubleshooting this!)
  • Reduced CPU usage of Render Scene/Layers/Image to Window
  • Fixed a bug that meant that the vuo-export command-line utility didn’t copy the composition’s resources if run from a different folder than the composition
  • Fixed failure in File > Export > Movie when started immediately after installing a new version of Vuo, or after installing or removing 3rd-party nodes (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for your help troubleshooting this!)
  • Improved performance of the Blur Image node
  • Fixed rendering glitches on some GPUs when compositing linear or radial gradients in 16bpc mode
  • Added “Pixel Aligned” port to the Blend Image with Feedback node
  • Reduced GPU usage in the Scale Audio Input example composition, and kept its image trail from blurring
  • Fixed crash when livecoding with the Play Movie node
  • When using the Free Trial or a Standard (non-Pro) license:
    • Fixed crash when exporting movies
    • Fixed sporadic crashes when quitting compositions
    • Changed ‘Pr’ icon text to ‘Pro’
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