Dancers with disabilities paint with body movements at IMPACT Theatre

The hard work, dedication, and collaboration of 45 performers from the London metropolitan area culminated in four performances of the stage production Hyper. Hyper had multiple purposes: to provide an evening of entertainment and culture for audiences and to showcase the artistic and musical work of the performers, all of whom have learning disabilities. A highlight of the show was a dance piece in which performers painted projected imagery with their body movements, using skeletal tracking and graphics technology that included Vuo.

Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross light-painting women's experiences

Intersection*ology, a collaboration between visual artist Lori Hepner (lhepner) and musician Kendra Ross, lies at the “intersection between art, gender and technology”. With soundscapes, projected imagery, and dance, the performance evokes women’s experiences across time and place, from slave dungeons centuries ago in West Africa to the Women’s March on Washington in January. Vuo played a part in this intersectional-feminist piece, transforming light from LEDs worn by the performers into imagery projected in real time onstage.


Monster game

The good citizens of the world are threatened by the presence of a monster!! Will you help them?

This game was inspired by a post on (spoiler alert if you click the link) Crunk Feminist Collective. The game is about dehumanization, empathy, and one awesomely self-respecting woman.

Trigger warning for display of Twitter content that contains racist sexist fat-shaming.

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