With Vuo 2.1, you can now stream video over the internet. We’ve given Vuo Community Edition the ability to send RTMP video and audio (so you can stream to services like YouTube, Facebook Live, or Twitch). In Vuo Pro, we’ve added new nodes to send and receive NewTek NDI® video streams. With the increased prominence of live streaming these days, we feel these new features pair well with Vuo’s extensive graphic abilities, so you can imagine, and then broadcast, one-of-a-kind visuals.


We’d love to hear how you plan to use Vuo 2.1’s new streaming features in your work. We’re always interested in how Vuo supports our community members’ creativity.

In our latest community spotlight, we showcase Rodrigo Carvalho of Boris Chimp 504, who uses Vuo to create visions of deep space.

Vuo 2.1 Highlights

  • Send and receive video via NewTek NDI® (Vuo Pro)
  • Stream live video using RTMP (for Twitch, Periscope, Restream.io, Wowza, YouTube, Facebook, …) (limited to 1280x1280 pixels in Vuo CE; unlimited resolution in Vuo Pro)
  • Face landmark detection: Find Faces in Image now detects eyes, nose, and mouth (Vuo Pro)
  • Fixed-height (in addition to fixed-width) image layers and objects
  • OSC wildcard matching
  • New Change Window Level node
  • New nodes for manipulating binary data
  • Expanded documentation, more example compositions, and more example SDK code
  • Bug and irritant fixes

Again, thanks to the community for your suggestions and reporting! Please see the release notes for the names of the community members who contributed ideas and bug reports and for all the release details.

Deep Space Explorations


Since 2010, Rodrigo Carvalho (@visiophone) and Miguel Neto have been performing an audiovisual collaboration called Boris Chimp 504, which, in their words, “tells the tale of Boris 504, a chimpanzee who’s exploring the space-time continuum, jumping between several dimensions of the universe. It mixes techno, psychedelia and noise, along with audio-reactive visuals generated in real time, creating an immersive voyage strongly influenced by science fiction, interspersing with the most current scientific discoveries and merging reality and fiction into a narrative of its own.”

Rodrigo and Miguel have done both AV performances and interactive installations at festivals and events. Rodrigo, the visual half of the collaboration, now does all the visuals in VDMX and Vuo.

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Share with the community

We know this is a difficult and challenging time for many of us. If you have thoughts about creating with Vuo 2.1, tips, tricks, or compositions to share, or you just want to reach out to others, please share your thoughts with our online community. It continually amazes me what you collectively know and how supportive you are of each others’ work! In the meantime, we hope you will all stay well.

Jean Marie