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Vuo 0.6 is here — and so is an array of new functionality! Lighting options for 3D scenes, cameras that look at specified points, and many new image filters. These are a few examples of what’s possible with the exciting set of new nodes in Vuo 0.6.

Check out our quick Vuo 0.6 video on Vimeo or YouTube to get a glimpse of some of the new functionality and built-in example compositions.

32-bit applications can now build, run, and control a Vuo composition — making it possible for more VJ applications to integrate Vuo!

We’ve also completed countless improvements to the Vuo Editor for improved usability and a smoother experience.

To those who develop applications — you may be excited to learn that we’ve improved API and documentation for you to integrate Vuo into your applications. We’ve also provided an API for you to create input editors, and included the source code for built-in input editors.

Vuo 0.6 also includes other features requested by the Vuo Community as well as numerous bug fixes.

If you haven’t seen it already — check out Michele Cremaschi’s tutorial on how to integrate Vuo, Kinect, and NiMate to perform skeletal tracking!

Vuo development is reliant on new users, so if you see something you like — spread the word! If you see something we can do better, please consider asking the community a question, submitting a feature request or bug report, or feel free to contact us directly.

Many thanks to you, the Vuo Community, for your continued support. We look forward to seeing what you create!

Team Vuo

New nodes in Vuo 0.6

Introducing Vuo 0.6 (on Vimeo)
Introducing Vuo 0.6 (on Vimeo)

Introducing Vuo 0.6 (on YouTube)
Introducing Vuo 0.6 (on YouTube)